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Product Availability By Pincode/Zipcode
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This Add-on will enable Product availability by pincode/zipcode. With the support of this magnificent add-on the customers can easily find out whether the product they want to order can be delivered in the desired postal address

Product bundle(package)
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Save 31%
Product changes log cs-cart addon
5.0 (2)
  • Select only the fields you need for control.
  • Track product changes.
Product code generator
5.0 (7)
  • Generates a product SKU automatically.
  • Flexible settings of the article template.
Product configurator
5.0 (1)
Increase your sales with ruled based configurator
Product Currency
4.6 (7)
Ability to set prices for products in the administration panel in a non-basic currency of the store.
Product currency add-on for CS-Cart
5.0 (17)
  • Choose the currency for each product.
  • Set the currency for product categories.
Product discount for this promotion
No reviews
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to set up promotion, so discount will be given for multiple products in cart.Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount
Product feed for
No reviews

Allows you to unload products to the Rozetka hypermarket

cs-cart add-on Product from other sellers
Product From Other Sellers
5.0 (2)

This module shows additional tab on the "Product details" page where the customer can see offers from other vendors

Product Gallery Hover
4.9 (10)

This module allows to change main product image on product details page when the user hovers over the thumbnail

Product Icon Flipping
5.0 (2)
Adds interesting hover effect to product icons on all products list pages.
Product Image Effects (Change images on hover)
5.0 (10)
Adds beautiful effects to images in the list of products and other options for their display
Product Images Translit
No reviews
Allows to rename images by translit or products name.
Product Import Match EAN
No reviews
Save 22%
Match common-products on EAN and create linked-products for Vendors.
Product information on hover
No reviews
Hides product information in the product grid and shows it when the cursor hovers
Product Labels - Simple badges for products
5.0 (1)
Create a convenient labels for your products
Cs-cart addon product likes
Product Likes
No reviews

This module allows to like the products and show most liked items

Product Locations CS-Cart add-on
Product Locations
No reviews

Places the Google map with custom pickup places on product page.

Product name from the specification
No reviews
Composes the name of the product from the selected characteristics
Product name length
5.0 (2)
Manage the size of product names.
Separate setting for product blocks.
Product options filters
5.0 (3)
  • Convert options to features.
  • Create filters.