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Clone product with all variations
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Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows cloning products and all its variants with one click.

If you're looking to buy this add-on as one time purchase or take a look into add-on reviews, they are available here: One-time purchase add-on

See the full list of our subscription-based add-ons: Full list of subscription add-ons

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"Help" menu for vendor and buyer
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Lazy images
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With the help of our add-on images will start downloading only after they become visible on the screen and not in advance. This functionality allows downloading less content during the initial page loading thus speeds up the store and reduces the load on the server.

OpenPay BBVA payment gateway
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"OpenPay payment gateway" module for CS-Cart allows to accept credit and debit card payments via OpenPay BBVA checkout system. It's a very popular payment solution for all types of business in Mexico. 

Update supplier balances of an online store on CS-Cart
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The module clears the remnants of suppliers ' products.

Cookie notification Panel
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Convenient and simple Cookie notification panel for your users.

Output of blog in footer for CS-Cart
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The module displays a list of blog pages in the footer of the site (basement).

Google Language Translator
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This add-on helps store admin to add the google translator drop-down on the storefront.

Синхронизация статусов доставки из курьерских служб
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Универсальный модуль для синхронизации статусов заказов с курьерскими службами.