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Saferpay Payment
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Integrate Saferpay to accept online payments in local currency securely around the world.

Accounting with vendors
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The owner of the marketplace needs to see the overall picture and understand how much money the vendors owe them and what payments they should make. This module will show you the general picture and balance of the vendors with different filters.

Customer Logs System
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Suggest your price!
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The module allows your customers to offer their own price for your product, and you can specify the available minimum price depending on the purchase price for it.

Short description for products from features (autogeneration)
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Automatic generation of products short descriptions

List of products in a block or footer for Multi-Vendor
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The module displays a list of products in a block on the site pages or a list in footer (basement).

cs-cart addon  advanced cart page
Advanced Cart Page
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This module allows to show wish list contents on the bottom of the cart page. Wish list products can be moved to cart and vise versa

CS-Cart Vendor Mobile App
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Separate application for vendors. Now it is not necessary to have desktop/laptops to access your vendor panel.

AI Assistant Chat GPT on admin panel
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