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Advanced Product Export (xml and csv formats)

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This product is electronically distributed.

Advanced Product Export (xml and csv formats)

This add-on is included in CS-Cart add-ons package with integrations for Ukraine eCommerce (supplied free of charge for package owners with an active subscription to updates) (it covers all the needs of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor projects for Ukraine) and in Dynamic Remarketing add-ons package for CS-Cart (Google, Facebook, Instagram) (supplied free of charge for package owners with an active subscription to updates) (ability to connect the store to advertising on the most powerful platforms Google, Facebook, Instagram, using dynamic remarketing)

Add-on provides technical implementation for unloading product feeds to popular trading platforms and price aggregators

The principles of operation of the "Advanced Product Export (xml and csv formats)" add-on:

You will receive an alternative to the built-in CS-Cart mechanism for working with custom product exports, the essence of which is to create unload templates (in which the format of their construction is set) and create separate unloads that can use previously created templates as well as flexible conditions (criteria) for the formation of an unload

What benefits will you have from "Advanced Product Export (xml and csv formats)" add-on usage:

  • support for xml, csv, yml, txt upload formats;
  • ability to automatically generate an upload file (using CRON);
  • ability to generate an upload file before trying to download it, on the fly (if you need to always return only the most relevant data);
  • ability to create a template for product unloading based on the built-in Standard template (standard fields of product feeds are used);
  • ability to edit the template without the need to edit the file code (based on Smarty);
  • ability to create an unlimited number of individual unloadings of goods based on previously created templates with their own settings and criteria for unloading;
  • ability to define the name of the upload file;
  • ability to create a download for the required language;
  • ability to determine the characteristic of the Brand in unloading;
  • ability to choose the currency of unloading;
  • ability to limit the number of images of goods used in unloading;
  • ability to use uploaded images - originals or prepared CS-Cart thumbnails used in the product card;
  • ability to limit the unloading of product variations;
  • ability to download product prices, taking into account promotions with the For catalog type;
  • ability to automatically start the formation of unloading according to a fulfilled condition;
  • ability to determine whether to display the upload file on the screen or download the file when going to the address of the finished upload;
  • ability to install authorization to access the upload file;
  • ability to specify the criteria for the product to be unloaded by price (range), availability (only in stock or all), the state of the product description (only with a filled description or all), the presence of filled product images (only with an image or all), filter with Stop- words (in the fields: Product name, Brief description, Detailed description, Keywords);
  • ability to specify as a criterion for the inclusion of goods in unloading
    • state of availability by the number of goods (from and to);
    • compliance with the Product Category;
    • compliance with the characteristics of the goods;
    • filling Manually (only goods necessary for inclusion);
  • ability to specify as a criterion for excluding goods from unloading
    • compliance with the Product Category;
    • filling Manually (only goods necessary for exclusion);
  • administrator can create separate product feeds for a specific vendor (Multi-Vendor) and storefront (Multi-Vendor Ultimate);
  • ability to modularly extend templates with custom fields (development by the user or third-party developers is required);
  • ability to use additional parameters for unloading added modularly (development by the user or third-party developers is required).

Integration with other add-ons:

Compatibility with themes

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