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Breadcrumbs Pro
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Show the actual categories path that leads to a product

Bundle for Multi-Vendor from SoftSolid
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Multi-Vendor add-on pack from SoftSolid. Pack large addons that can be replaced with others!
Buy Now Button
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Buy Now Button Add-on For CS-Cart inserts a Buy Now button along with Add To Cart button to your store and offers a more seamless experience to visitors.

Cache monitor
5.0 (5)

This add-on provides monitoring feature for cache invalidation procedures in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. It tracks both global cache invalidation processes and performance-impacting partial cache invalidation processes.

Calculate shipping costs depending on amount of packages products take
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Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows calculating shipping costs depending on amount of packages, where given amount of products will fit.

Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount

Cancel Order Request
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Cart Panel
5.0 (3)
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добавляет панель с перечнем товаров в корзине на десктопный вид

Category & vendor promotions Addon
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Category Landing View
5.0 (2)
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Adds a new block with a list of categories to your store. With it, you will create a unique look for your home page.

CCAvenue Payment Gateway
5.0 (4)

CCAvenue is a popular Payment Gateway that allows online merchants to process their all online transaction. This is authorized by Indian financial institutions to transact money for an online shopping. Integrate a secure payment gateway with CS-Cart.