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MultiScraper for CS-Cart [Free Trial version]
MultiScraper is the software for automatic bulk product upload from any big market directly into your CS-Cart store We developed this application in such ...
BestPrice Analytics 360 Analytics 360 is an Integration for CS-Cart that records the clicks and sales made by guests in your store, informing you about the conversio...
FONDY Payment Gateway
CS Cart payment gateway – the best solution for eCommerce
Customer reliability
Designed to display summary information about the number of customer orders in the store order details. The module has the ability to integrate with the ...
Банк Фридом Финанс
Интернет-эквайринг от Банка Фридом Финанс
Smartarget Whatsapp - Contact Us
Allow customers to contact you using Whatsapp
SMS Alert
Sign up for a free demo account on
Smartarget Facebook Messenger - Contact Us
Allow customers to contact you using Facebook Messenger
Smartarget Skype - Contact Us
Allow customers to contact you using Skype
Filter products in the block
Filter products in the block - with this add-on you can filtered products in block by using standard filters.
BIFIT online module-cloud fiscalization service
Module for automatically sending checks online through the BIFIT service
Privatbank: Installments Payment
*С 19 декабря 2020 года модуль больше не поддерживается. Используйте этот модуль как есть без гарантий от разработчика и без поддержки.  Модуль "Мгновенна...
Smartarget - Exit Popup
Use Exit Popup to prevent users from leaving the website
Модуль облачной фискализации БИФИТ Онлайн
CS-Cart модуль БИФИТ Онлайн позволяет формировать фискальные чеки в момент безналичного расчета на вашем сайте и передавать данные ОФД и ФНС в соответствии ...
Почта России
Отправлять товары клиентам стало проще с модулем Почты России — теперь вы можете передавать данные заказов из вашего магазина напрямую в личный кабинет отпр...
hCaptcha Free
hCaptcha Free add-on  is a drop-in replacement for  reCAPTCHA . aNote: we also offer a  hCaptcha Premium add-on  that includes a payout ...
MoceanAPI SMS Updates
Description Automated SMS sender to your customers and vendors from all around the world using MoceanAPI. Notify your customers and vendors about Accoun...
Cloning data feeds
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor  allows cloning data feeds.
Module for finding errors on the site for an online store on CS-Cart
The module searches for errors that appear in the system for further analysis and correction. In case of failure of the software module will see an error me...
Snap Finance
Snap is a lease-to-own financing provider that empowers credit-challenged shoppers with the buying power to get what they need now, and then allows them to ...
Export & Import of Product Attachments
* As of December 19, 2020, the add-on is no longer supported. Use this module as is with no developer warranties or support. For this add-on to work, th...
Moneris payment
Moneris payment gateway for CS-Cart is developed and integrated according to the documentation provided on The Moneris Solutions Developer Portal. The modul...
Search Bar awesome
It will change your search box style to very awesome round corner style, and it will also change background of your search box. basically it is designed f...