PayPal Multi-Currency

PayPal Multi-Currency


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The PayPal Multi-Currency CS-Cart addon extends the PayPal Standard payments functionality, allows your customers to select which currency to pay for your products and adds the abilty to accept payments in multiple currencies when using PayPal Standard. However, when configuring PayPal Standard in the administration panel, you have the ability to set a SINGLE currency and this must be the same as your CS-Cart base currency. If your store's base currency is USD and your customer selects EURO on your webpage, he/she will be confused at checkout. The reason is because on the PayPal site your user will be presented a price in USD instead of EURO, which may make you lose the sale from confusion.
Our add-on fixes this issue by keeping the currency intact throughout the entire order process.

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
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