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Users search history:

Last update: 12/02/2023
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Users search history

Customer Search history - Admin Tools

Admin tools is basically designed to get multiple information from store users and vendors.

currently we have added features as below.

Users search history:

when we talk about user search history its very important for admin to know that what users are looking for in their website.

it will let you think if you can add similar products or you can gather similar products vendors for  your store, the reson behind this is very simple, multiple visitors coming to your store from search engine or any paid marketing and looking for a specific item which is best keyword for your website but when they can't see it on your website they will difinitly leave the site and find another place but assume you have it on your website and users will stay longer on your website which will help to improve your SEO and impect positive from visitors as well.

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Great support specially mr.Asim ,addon works correctly.All recommendations.
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Providing solutions for cs cart users to fix their problems and issues via addon development

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