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Last update: 05/10/2023
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Mobilize your business. Let your site load faster and convert more on mobile devices.

Airy Mobile Theme



Airy Mobile Theme - universal premium template for CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor stores, which is great for large inventories. Even if you have a wide range of products from clothing to kitchen appliances, this is the theme that meets all your requirements. It:

  • suits any business (food, tools, appliances, clothing, shoes, goods for tourism, and much more). It’s minimalist style will be the right look-and-feel for your large inventory;
  • has a large number of trendy features (like Smart Mega Menu and hamburger menu) and includes all the main killer features of online mega malls;
  • adapts to any screen resolution to provide a hassle free surfing process on any device.

This is a perfect theme to mobilize your business. Being a mobile-first theme, Airy Mobile ensures your site loads faster and convert more on mobile devices. Two-column mobile layout allows you to demonstrate more products and increase the possibility of purchasing.


Key Features

  • Fully responsive and 100% adaptive
  • Promotion-focused banners
  • Frontpage slideshow
  • Advanced quick view
  • Persistent cart
  • Enhanced social login
  • Wish list
  • Product comparison table
  • Product image zoom
  • Different product filters
  • Product showcase
  • Quick Add-to-Cart
  • Multi-tiered mega menu

Optimized for

  • Marketplaces
  • Wholesale
  • Large Catalog
  • Sales & Discounts
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop

Conversion tools on product listing pages

  • Discount rate is shown in the top right corner;
  • Product rating is displayed if the product was reviewed;
  • Quick view and list price;
  • Ability to view all product images right on the category or home page;
  • Ability to add the product to wish list, comparison list, and cart on the category or home page (without the necessity to do to the product page).


Category sidebar area

Display category images in the sidebar of your store's home to make it simple for your customers to navigate. The search option makes it even simpler to find the necessary product in a couple of clicks.


Authorization sidebar gives the maximum usability for mobile devices.



Product page was worked out to provide a good conversion and usability. Large, high-quality images utilize a hover zoom tool, providing the shopper with a more detailed view of the product. A very good content layout allows to catch sight of all the information interesting to customers just in seconds.



Multi-level Smart Mega Menu

Feature a multi-level Smart Mega Menu to help customers easily navigate your store.


Promotional banner

Promote your latest sale, promotion, or discount at the top of your store's home page.


Product image zoom

Give customers a closer look and extra product details when they hover over an image.


Featured collections on home page

Display multiple featured collections on your home page.


Product image rollover

Reveal different product images when you hover over products on your home and collection pages.


User guide

Learn more about the add-on in our User guide.


If you need help, please contact us via our help desk system.

  • Store Builder
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Store Builder Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
Compatible versions
  • 4.17.2
  • 4.17.1
  • 4.16.2
  • 4.16.1
  • 4.15.2
  • 4.15.1.SP4
  • 4.15.1.SP3
  • 4.15.1.SP2
  • 4.15.1.SP1
  • 4.15.1
  • English
  • Русский
Amazing theme with amazing features on it. Also the support is the best!!! Good job.
The BEST THEME on the market. I noticed M.Westerman had some problems before. Me as well, since it was just first version of a theme. But Simtech fixed all bugs and now I have one the perfect theme for Mobile, but Desktop as well. . So many features helps clients to convert more. For example, the price is always visible, no matter how long you scroll. Navigation is so easy and modern.. I do recommend switching from old theme to Airy, just like I did. More clients are buying from phone and after I switch my store to Airy theme, my mobile sale grow ALMOST 40%... and Simtech and Guzel were always there to help me when I needed help.. :)
Mark Westerman
I bought the Airy theme. It does not work at all on my website. I have ask for a quote for Simtech to install theme. I am starting my 3rd week of them telling me to please add ftp access to the web site. I did that the very first time they ask. At one point I thought we had is going, then I got another e-mail asking me to fill out the ftp access. This is getting tiresome. If is is taking me 3 week just to GET a quote for install, I would be in real trouble theme broke my web site. Can you imagine being down for 2 week +
Who Are We CS-Cart Addons is a separate development department inside the CS-Cart company

Who Are We

CS-Cart Addons is a separate development department inside the CS-Cart company structure. Our team possesses great expertise in the e-commerce market and delivers our clients the most effective, avant-garde and demanded technological solutions for their online stores and marketplaces.

Our team is mainly focused on development of new add-ons for CS-Cart based internet projects. We have more than 100 developed add-ons and themes in our case, and the range of our products

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