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Secure your business

by Damir Faizullin


CS-Cart Marketplace Team here :)

Today we want to talk to you about the information security of e-commerce projects.


When you run an offline store you take for granted that it must be equipped with security cameras and anti-theft devices. But when we speak about online stores as a rule the issue of security arises upon the fact of hacking. Today we will talk about cybersecurity myths and ways to protect business against unauthorized access and data leakage.

Myth #1 “I have a small shop. Who needs me”

Some business owners believe that hackers are only interested in popular Internet projects with high traffic. We hasten to disappoint you. Nowadays, many hacking attempts are made by bots, not by human hackers. Automation means that any web resource can fall victim to an attack - bots do not distinguish between famous and unknown sites, or between big business and non-profit organizations.

Myth #2 “Profit and visibility are more important. I’ll invest in advertising and SEO”

Some owners believe that it is unprofitable to protect their Internet business from "mythical" hacker attacks in advance. Digital marketing, SEO optimization or advertising is a completely different matter, which brings tangible results in terms of money and brand awareness. Just think about the consequences like losing achieved positions in all indicators (search engines, customer trust, traffic) and set priorities. 

Myth №3 “We have been working for a long time and have never encountered cyberattacks”

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and complex every day. Your goal is to have a security strategy that will help you quickly respond to incidents before they cause significant damage. Ideally, a set of security tools should cover the website itself, firewalls and network connections, email, and more. In addition, it is recommended to use backups and disaster recovery tools to prevent possible incidents.

Simple ways to improve the security of a CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor project

  1. When installing the store, follow the developer's official manual. Don't forget to update the store on a regular basis - new versions contain important security patches.
  2. Select the CS-Cart partners to modify or update the store, purchase add-ons and themes. This guarantees certification of developers according to CS-Cart standards and strict compliance with the regulations.
  3. When choosing a hosting company, give preference to hosters with experience in working with CS-Cart and with round-the-clock monitoring of project performance and security.
  4. Use the "Advanced Security" add-on to check general project security settings, weak passwords, configurations of server, PHP and MySQL, and block malicious traffic.
  5. Make regular security audits for vulnerabilities and penetration risks before you run into real problems. A detailed report on the security status of your project and recommendations on how to eliminate identified and prevent possible problems will help to significantly reduce business risks.

    We can recommend the ASAP lab team as professionals of business security. You can purchase their products on the official CS-Cart Marketplace site.