Boxberry PRO for CMS CS-Cart, a module for calculating, processing and controlling delivery

Last update: 19.09.2023
Boxberry PRO for CMS CS-Cart, a module for calculating, processing and controlling delivery

Boxberry PRO, a module for calculation, registration and control of delivery for an online store on CMS CS-Cart

Boxberry is the delivery of your orders throughout Russia. Today Boxberry is one of the largest transport companies, which is trusted with its cargo by more than 12 thousand online stores across the country. This is greatly facilitated by the developed network of order pick-up points of more than 40 thousand branches throughout the country.

Boxberry is a simple and convenient billing system. There are own capacities allowing to transport small-sized goods, medium-sized goods and large-sized goods, fragile things requiring special conditions of transportation, as well as goods in need of special storage conditions.

Boxberry has been working in the delivery market for more than 10 years, constantly developing and offering its customers new opportunities.

Delivery of orders to CIS countries

Boxberry delivers orders from online stores to five CIS countries - Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.

  • 517 delivery points in 187 cities;
  • Courier delivery to 22,000 localities;
  • Fast processing of parcels;
  • Refund of unclaimed orders;
  • Cash on delivery for orders to Kazakhstan;
  • Support at all stages of work.

Through the integration of the online store with Boxberry: your customers will place orders on their own.

The module is presented in two modifications "Boxberry PRO" modification "Boxberry PRO Plus"

Boxberry PRO – connecting the delivery management capabilities of the Boxberry transport company to your store.

You will be able to connect an unlimited number of accounts for yourself and your suppliers who also use Boxberry delivery.

BoxberryPRO Plus– allows you to connect more than 40 transport companies to your site plus expands the capabilities of the basic module.

Using one module for all transport companies instead of a separate module for each is more convenient and faster.

When loading the checkout (this is the page for choosing delivery and payment), it is necessary to make a preliminary calculation of the cost of delivery for all available transport companies. If you use separate modules, you will have to wait until each of them requests information from the delivery service.

And the more modules are used, the longer the checkout will be loaded. The risk is great. That the buyer will not wait for the download to finish. If you use one module for all transport companies, the checkout loading speed increases significantly. 

In addition, the PRO Plus version includes features not available in the basic version.

Brief description of the module's functionality

  • Calculation of the cost of delivery to checkout; 
  • Automatic order processing in a transport company; 
  •  Order validation before packing; 
  •  Delivery on behalf of the marketplace or on behalf of the seller; 
  •  Multi-seat shipments; 
  • Using a separate return address for different shipping methods; 
  • Comparison of ApiShip statuses with the statuses of transport companies; 
  •  Bulk loading of information about packing orders; 
  •  Tariff Directory; 
  • Loading the map of pick-up points in the checkout after pressing the button; 
  • Cargo tracking by track number; 
  • Regular testing of delivery methods in the background;;
  •  Cargo pickup from the warehouse; 
  •  Order communication; 
  •  Displaying information from the transport company in the order; 
  • Creating delivery methods from templates.

Full description of the functionality of the Boxberry integration module

One of the important parts of online trading is the delivery of orders to the buyer. It largely depends on how quickly the order will be delivered and how convenient it will be for the buyer to receive it, whether the buyer will return to your online store for new purchases.

Our module will allow you to automate the interaction between your online store and the Boxberry transport company as much as possible. You will be able to manage your deliveries without leaving the administrative panel of your site.

The module automatically places an order for delivery based on the information about the order from the buyer. At the stage of registration, the order is validated with mandatory verification of the correctness of filling in the departure and delivery addresses, phone numbers, and compliance of the shipment with the tariff requirements.

Setting up delivery methods

Setting up a new delivery method will not take much time and any special effort. It is enough to fill in several fields:

  • tariff,
  • type of delivery if a courier picks up the cargo from the warehouse, the address is pulled from the address of the store or warehouse,
  • type of cargo delivery, if the cargo is delivered to the pick-up point, then the address of this point, if the cargo is delivered to the buyer, the address is pulled from the order.

In addition, it is necessary to specify the maximum and minimum weight and dimensions of the cargo, as well as the default dimensions.

You can also enable additional services in the settings, such as:

  • Inspection of the attachment;
  • Fitting of order items;
  • Partial delivery and inspection of the attachment.

Address labels and acceptance certificate

You don't have to go to the Boxberry website to download the accompanying documents. You can request and receive everything you need in the administrative panel of your site.

Before proceeding to the packaging of the order, you need to go into it, clarify the composition, check the delivery parameters specified in the order with the actual ones and, if necessary, make changes.

After you have packed the orders, you select them from the list of orders and order address labels for them. Then they need to be printed and pasted on orders.

When the batch with orders is formed, you need to highlight again all the orders that you have 100% prepared for shipment and request a certificate of acceptance and transfer. The act also needs to be printed out and attached to the batch for transfer to the PVZ or courier.

Separate cargo space or multiple shipments

Let's assume that you have an order in which there are both ordinary goods, such as T-shirts, books or a phone, and medium or large-sized ones, for example, a microwave oven. If you calculate the cost of delivery of the order by the volume weight of the entire order, then the tariffier will not allow you to do this, since the volume weight will exceed the maximum permissible for the selected tariff.

The module supports the delivery of multi-place items to one recipient. That is, the order can be packed not in one box, but in different ones. At the same time, it will be charged as one shipment.

This feature can be useful in several cases. For example, you received an order from a customer. Some of the goods are in your warehouse, and you immediately prepared them for shipment. And one or more goods should be delivered to you by the supplier in the near future. You wait for delivery, and pack the rest of the goods from the order.

If there are large-sized goods in the order, for example, household appliances. For example, you received an order for three T-shirts, a phone and a microwave. T-shirts and a phone can easily be packed in one box, and the microwave will go as a separate cargo place.

For such goods that require a separate cargo space and do not need additional repackaging, you can specify in the settings that when forming an order, separate cargo spaces are immediately formed for them.

If the product was mistakenly marked as a separate cargo place, and you need to pack it in a box with other goods, you just need to change the information in the order.

The storekeeper packs the order in different boxes, each of which meets the requirements of the tariff. All boxes from one order are formed into a single batch. All products from it are listed in one waybill.

The use of separate cargo spaces allows you to be sure that the calculation of the cost of delivery will be correct and within the tariff.

Default dimensions

Unfortunately, very often suppliers have badly filled out information about the product. And very often there is no data on the weight and dimensions of the goods. And they are necessary to calculate the preliminary cost of delivery.

Of course, you will still need to check all the product cards and enter all the necessary data. And how long will it take? Day, week, month? You can't delay the start of sales of a new range for such a long time.

Our module uses default dimensions to calculate the cost of delivery of such goods. Specify the dimensions and weight in the settings, based on the parameters that are most common among your products.

Weight and size restrictions for Boxberry

The buyer will not understand which of the tariffs is suitable for the delivery of a particular order. At the stage of ordering, the module compares the parameters of each product with the restrictions of Boxberry tariffs, and displays in the checkout only those delivery methods that are suitable for the transportation of all goods in the order and correspond to the warehouse category.

Tracking order movement

You will know exactly at what stage the delivery of the order is. The module automatically synchronizes order statuses with Boxberry statuses: from "Ready for delivery to the transport company" to "Delivered to the recipient". Order statuses are displayed in the administrative panel of the online store, as well as in the buyer's personal account.

If you have your own delivery service, and in parallel you plan to use the Boxberry Pro module, you can configure different statuses for different delivery methods to make it easier to monitor the progress of orders.

Tracking by track number

You and your administrators will be able to track the delivery process by order statuses. However, most likely, they will not be clear to buyers. They have no time to figure out what status means. For them, the module makes it possible to track delivery by track number on the Boxberry website or in the application. Just click on the order number or save it and paste it into the application.

Protection against accidental actions

We are all human beings, and we make mistakes from time to time. So, your administrator may inadvertently remove from the module a transport company that still has undelivered orders. To avoid this, we have thought out protection against accidental or intentional errors: in the settings, you can specify under which order statuses the removal of the transport company is possible. Thus, it will be possible to disable the contract only after all orders are in the completed status.

Address labels

Through additional functionality, you can print your own address label template (not included in the module), or use an address label that Boxberry will generate.

A custom address label is used in more complex logistics schemes than moving from the store's warehouse to the buyer. It is usually used when working with the PRO Plus version of the module.

Logging type

Select the type of logging that is convenient for you in the settings:

  • File system,
  • Database.

All interactions of the module with the registration server and the calculation of the cost of delivery are recorded in the logging files. In case of errors in the module, for example, due to the update of the platform or modules of other developers, its cause can be understood from the logging file.  

The Pro Plus version contains a wider set of error tracking functions.

Free shipping for buyers

For some products, you can afford to include the cost of delivery in the cost of the goods. For example, if for some goods the cost of delivery to different districts of Moscow does not differ much, you can put the average cost of delivery in the price of the goods and make delivery free for the buyer. You will not lose much in profit, but you will increase your competitiveness.

To attract attention to your products, you can arrange various promotions and discounts. However, the modules that create promotions use additional system resources in order to calculate a discount for the buyer.

It is much easier to set up free delivery either at a certain tariff for a particular city, region, or for the whole country. This will give you an advantage over competitors, attract the attention of customers to your products, but it will not affect the operation of your store.


Payment modules require information that delivery is also a commodity item that the buyer pays for. And it is also necessary to transfer the tax rate for it. Our module supports the transfer of the delivery tax rate for payment modules (processing of this information takes place on the side of the payment module).

Using a separate return address for different shipping methods

By default, the address from the online store window or the warehouse address is used for the return. However, in some cases it is more convenient for the goods to be returned to another address other than the address of the store or warehouse of departure.

You can specify this address in the delivery method settings in the "Return address" section. You can set up different delivery methods for different categories of goods that require special storage or delivery conditions: bulky goods, medium-sized goods, jewelry, and so on.

Information in the order about the order in the SD

After installing the module, a new tab "Information from the transport company" appears in the order. Immediately after the order is created, the data that the store transmits to Boxberry is displayed there. This makes it easy to track where the error lies if the delivery order does not pass validation.

All addresses involved in the delivery, phone numbers, delivery parameters and other order details. If an error has crept into one of these items, you can easily detect it and fix it. This speeds up order processing.

Delivery Parameters

Delivery parameters: the weight and dimensions of the goods are not always constant. The exact data is not always indicated in the product card, and sometimes the weight and size of the product are not indicated in the card at all. In this case, the default parameters from the delivery method settings are used for the preliminary calculation of the delivery cost.

Then the warehouse staff collects the order, weighs and measures the goods and clarifies the data in the order. In addition, several items can be packed in one box. And when calculating the actual cost of delivery, the weight and dimensions of this box should be used. When Boxberry accepts the cargo, they also weigh and measure it again.

The entire history of changing delivery parameters is also displayed in the order in the "Information from the transport company" tab.

Comparison of statuses

ApiShip does not have the most extensive set of statuses – only 19 options, whereas transport companies sometimes have a very rich set of statuses, so Boxberry has 45 of them. The module allows you to independently compare ApiShip statuses and Boxberry statuses. Thanks to this, you will be able to clearly track the process of moving the order from the moment it is transferred to the transport company until it is handed over to the buyer or returned to the warehouse if the buyer has not redeemed the order.

Optimization of the checkout speed when placing an order

When the checkout is loaded, the Maps and Geolocation module loads maps of order pick-up points in the background. When drawing the map, the module uses server resources. As a result, the larger the city, the more points of delivery of goods, the weaker the server, the longer the map will be loaded. In some cases, the download delay may be several tens of seconds. Not every buyer agrees to wait so long for the checkout to load.

To optimize the checkout loading, we removed the map loading under the button. First, the checkout is loaded, the buyer chooses the payment method, enters the address, chooses the delivery method. And only after that, by pressing the button, the map of pick-up points begins to load.

**Regular testing of delivery methods in the background**

Boxberry has only two standard tariffs. That is, you only need to set up two delivery methods, and everything seems to be simple and easy. On the other hand, you may need to create different delivery methods for different regions or with different additional services. And now the number of delivery methods in the online store increases to a dozen or more. And at any moment, one or more of them may stop being displayed in the checkout due to errors.

We will give some examples of why the delivery method may disappear from the checkout or give an error:

  • The contract with the transport company is disabled in the settings;
  • There is a new module that affects the work of delivery methods, for example: the module "MW: Logistics: fulfillment, cross-docking, your warehouse, PVZ points", which adds the ability to work with warehouses and because of this, the ordering model has changed;
  • The address of the warehouse to which the delivery method is configured is changing;
  • The order pick-up point has been disabled or its id or address has been changed;
  • One of the store's administrators changed the contact information: first name, last name, phone number;
  • The phone number or address of one of the delivery participants is filled in incorrectly;
  • One of the store administrators changed the password to the Boxberry personal account;
  • The delivery region is not configured correctly;
  • The availability region of the delivery method has changed;
  • The delivery parameters are filled in incorrectly: mainly the default weight and dimensions, as well as the maximum and minimum weight and dimensions of the shipment;


    Up-to-date information about changes in the functionality of the module, as well as compatibility with other modules, is published in our Telegram channel and in the VKONTAKTE


    You can submit a request to the support service, ask questions to the managers about the work or completion of the module via messengers, the groupVKONTAKTE and mail.

    - WhatsApp +7-923-364-90-07

    - Telegram

    - Telegram  +7-923-364-90-07


    - E-mail: [email protected]

    Detailed instructions for working with the module

    For instructions, see link. The instruction is current at the time of publication. The module is regularly updated and improved. There may be minor differences in the management of the module and the number of module settings.

Payment type
One-time payment
  • Store Builder
  • Store Builder Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
Compatible versions
  • 4.17.2
  • 4.17.1
  • 4.16.2
  • 4.16.1
  • 4.15.2
  • 4.15.1.SP4
  • 4.15.1.SP3
  • 4.15.1.SP2
  • 4.15.1.SP1
  • 4.15.1
  • English
  • Русский

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