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Design creation
Design integration
Add-on/modification development
Turnkey website
Mobile application
January 2014
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Cart Rocks is a full service CS-Cart agency

Known as, we’ve been with CS-Cart for over 12 years. We design, develop and maintain powerful addons and solutions for CS-Cart website owners.

Today, we’re a lean, international company with remote and in-house team members across the globe. From CS-Cart licenses to full CS-Cart solution, we are here to help.

Our dedicated technical support team is ready to help you solve any CS-Cart related issues. We provide expert advice, help with customization, troubleshooting and training. Our goal is to ensure smooth operation of your store.
Planning to migrate to CS-Cart? We'll assist you with data migration, transferring products, customers, and orders. Our experts ensure a secure and efficient transition to the CS-Cart platform.
Design creation
Our designers will create a unique design for your store. We consider your branded elements, user preferences, and modern trends. The result is an attractive and functional interface.
Design integration
Our integration experts are ready to align your store's design with the CS-Cart platform. We consider your branded elements, color palette, and user experience. The result is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.
Add-on/modification development
Need custom functionality for your store? We develop apps, modifications, and integrations to meet your unique requirements. Reliable and professional solutions.
Turnkey website
Ready to launch your online store, but you need some guidance? We offer turnkey solutions from development to launch, including setup, design, integrations, and training. Your store will be ready for sales.
Mobile application
A mobile app is a convenient way to attract customers. We'll develop a mobile app for you, optimized for iOS and Android platforms. Users can easily shop through the app.


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Rating based on user opinions
We needed support for the Google Address Autocomplete add-on and found Cart Rocks to be very helpful and quick to respond to our questions which helped us get it working as we needed it to.

When I needed an urgent upgrade with all of the theme customizations, and no developer was able or willing to help me in the short time frame of 4 weeks I had to do it, Louis from CS Cart Rocks came and rescued my shop from a sad fate, he was able to do it all within 18 days and it was a perfect result, perfect work, no flaws. I hope I can count on this company in the future!
I have used these guys for a couple of modifications to my existing CS-Cart installation and have been extremely happy with the results.

Specific changes to core functionality without breaking the bank is rare to find so I am more than happy to recommend these guys.

I will be back if the need arises! Thanks again
We had previously purchased several of cscartrocks off the shelf addons and always found them to be excellent value with brilliant support from cscartrocks. They've also helped us out on the
After searching for a while to find someone to write us a simple add-on to make our invoicing and quoting easier, Louis was the quickest to get back with me and offered to provide the add-on in the
Cscartrocks have been doing development for my website for around a year now. The job has been HUGE. They've totally upgraded my website from 2.2.4 to version 4 plus they have done a custom
The best developer we have ever worked with. They managed to deliver everything we asked for, and we did asked for lots of custom mods.

They even gave us advice on some issues we had on our site, free of charge.

Their name really says it all. They truly rock.
Often are you looking for a company from dozens.
I have found the man and the company.
Not always that money is paramount, but customer service is paramount.
Strong team what exactly does what you are asking.
I can recommend you this company.
Without a doubt, one of the best CS-Cart Add-on and Custom Developers! Their product offerings are great but their greatest work is their outstanding customer service and support, constant communication, and affordable pricing!
Since I got started with CS-Cart Multivendor I was wanting the vendor page to show products rather than the category list. So when I ran across this add on I was pretty happy. I purchased it and they were able to get it installed for free very quickly. Very happy.


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