Support - phpLive! Live Chat Integration

Adds customizable phpLive! support chat integration to your CS-Cart storefronts.

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phpLive Support Chat for CS-Cart
Support - phpLive! Live Chat Integration

This CS-Cart addon provides customizable phpLive live chat integration. The addon adds customized phpLive scripts and settings to each of your storefronts, which will load the live chat system. Normally, phpLive operates with a single set of icons or locations, per-installation. This may not be desirable for folks who run more than 1 storefront/theme. This addon extends phpLive chat to allow unique desktop/mobile icons, locations, and more, on a per-storefront basis, in a way that you are able style into your theme.

PhpLive is a lightweight live chat platform built with PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. Like many live chat systems, there is a pay-per-operator cloud hosted version of this software with a 30 day trial, that works great. Unlike many other live chat platforms though, phpLive is able to be installed on your own servers or cloud. This means that by paying a 1 time license fee, you are able to run phpLive on as many domains and with as many operators as you like, as well as see/modify the source code, or even install custom addons. Learn more about phpLive licenses here.

Please be aware, this CS-Cart live chat addon requires a cloud trial/subscription, or a fully licensed and functional self-hosted instance. If you are interested in self-hosted phpLive but aren't sure how, we can help you out. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn about our [affordable] optimization, maintenance, development, & server services.

Direct Link -


  • Integrates phpLive! support chat into storefronts.
  • Customizable online/offline icons.
  • Customizable positioning.
  • Additional CSS, offsets, & rotation.
  • Provides desktop & mobile modes.
  • Customizable mobile breakpoint.
  • Multistore compatible. Works with all addons.
  • No license codes (subject to change).


General settings are available in the CS-Cart admin addons area. These may be changed on a per-storefront basis by using the "Store chooser" in admin header.


Demo Storefront -

Demo Admin -

* Please note, our demos may be periodically reset or unavailable. No orders, contact, or otherwise logistical interactions will be processed. Demo admin may be limited or unavailable in certain circumstances. If you require an extended demo or more admin permissions, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Store Builder
Compatible versions
  • 4.5.2
  • 4.4.3
  • 4.3.10
  • English

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