[DATAROU] Order Analysis Pro

Last update: 05.04.2021
[DATAROU] Order Analysis Pro

Do you know what products are sold most, or which month do you have the most sales? Or vice versa?

[DATAROU] Order Analysis Pro provides additional features with existing Order Analysis addon.

How to install?

1. Go to Add-ons > Manage add-ons.

2. Click [+](Upload & install add-on) button.

3. Click [Local] button and select zip file of this addon.

4. Click [Update & install] button.

How to use?

This is powerful tool to analyze your order data by charts.

1. Go to Orders > DATAROU - Order Analysis Pro.

2. Select chart conditions and click [Show Chart] button.


Dimensions: Year, Month, Day, Customer, Order Status, Order ID, Store(Vendor), Shipping method, Payment method, Shipping country, Shipping state, Category, Product.

Fact: Amount, Quantity

*When selecting dimension of Category and Product, Amount is product price ordered and Quantity is product quantity ordered. Otherwise, Amount is order amount and Quantity is order quantity.

Chart Type: Line, Column, Bar, Pie, Doughnut, Combo

* You can use "Advanced conditions" to narrow down your data.

Sort by: Dimension, Top, Bottom

* Dimension of Year/Month/Day with Line/Column chart does not affect Top/Bottom sort. It always sorts by Year/Month/Day.

Display: Display only the number of data points set here.

Hide legend: Hide legend if checked.

Dataset: You can add additional dataset here.

Dataset stacked: If checked, dataset will be displayed as stacked. Only works for Column and Bar chart.

Chart title: Top title of chart.

*You can save your chart with [Save] button at "Save this conditions as".


*For dimension or dataset of "Order status" the chart color is based on order statuses' color.


*Clicking on chart will open orders list on new tab for clicked data.


*You can export chart data to csv file.


*There are many settings of condition, chart and export. Please go to Add-ons > DATAROU > Order Analysis Pro.

[Condition settings]


Default period: Set default period for chart conditions.

Default dimension: Set default dimension for chart conditions.

Default fact: Set default fact for chart conditions.

Default chart type: Set default chart type for chart conditions.

[Chart settings]


Default color theme (opacity): Select default color theme(color) and opacity of chart.

X gridline off: Hide X grid line from chart if checked.

Y gridline off: Hide Y grid line from chart if checked.

Max data points: Maximum number of data points which can display on chart.

Horizontal label rotation angle: Set Horizontal label rotation angle.

Animation off: Chart animation is off if checked.

Ticks SampleSize: The number of ticks to examine when deciding how many labels will fit. Setting a smaller value will be faster, but may be less accurate when there is large variability in label length. Set 0 is auto.

[Export settings]


CSV delimiter: Set delimiter of CSV file for exporting chart data.

CSV file name: Set file name prefix of CSV file for exporting chart data.

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We provide CS-CART addons mainly for dashboard, chart, export etc. of data related addons.

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We provide CS-CART addons mainly for dashboard, chart, export etc. of data related addons.

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