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Vracha Mikhailova str., bld. 51, off. 208 Ulyanovsk, Ul'janovskaja oblast' 432010 Russian Federation
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Design creation
Design integration
Add-on/modification development
Turnkey website
Mobile application
March 2014
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Russian Federation, Ul'janovskaja oblast'
  • eCom Labs is CS-Cart Gold partners. We know HOW to develop a profitable online-store and marketplace. 95% of our customers run a successful online business. 10 years in the e-commerce market. 
  • We help clients to work with CS-Cart, more than 20,000 forum posts, 144 add-ons that make your life easier, 2nd place in the annual developers ratings, Top 3 on CS-Cart Marketplace.
  • We work out profitable online-stores and marketplaces: from idea to a whole business. With guarantee.
  • CS-Cart Gold partners Certified developers


  • Turnkey online store development
  • Development of marketplaces from scratch
  • Mobile app for online shop and marketplace
  • Ready solutions. CS-Cart licenses
  • Integration of external services and systems
  • Online store modification
  • Transfer site to CS-Cart
  • CS-Cart online-shop update
  • Technical support
  • Online-shop audit ( technical, usability) and its perfomance
  • CS-Cart training
  • UX/UI design
  • Online store and marketplace design development, integration
  • Logo and banner development
  • Your personal assistant
  • Operational work
  • Hourly pay

Our cases

Our dedicated technical support team is ready to help you solve any CS-Cart related issues. We provide expert advice, help with customization, troubleshooting and training. Our goal is to ensure smooth operation of your store.
Planning to migrate to CS-Cart? We'll assist you with data migration, transferring products, customers, and orders. Our experts ensure a secure and efficient transition to the CS-Cart platform.
Design creation
Our designers will create a unique design for your store. We consider your branded elements, user preferences, and modern trends. The result is an attractive and functional interface.
Design integration
Our integration experts are ready to align your store's design with the CS-Cart platform. We consider your branded elements, color palette, and user experience. The result is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.
Add-on/modification development
Need custom functionality for your store? We develop apps, modifications, and integrations to meet your unique requirements. Reliable and professional solutions.
Turnkey website
Ready to launch your online store, but you need some guidance? We offer turnkey solutions from development to launch, including setup, design, integrations, and training. Your store will be ready for sales.
Mobile application
A mobile app is a convenient way to attract customers. We'll develop a mobile app for you, optimized for iOS and Android platforms. Users can easily shop through the app.


4.99 / 49 assessments
Rating based on user opinions
Профессионалы своего дела! Очень быстрый отклик на запросы. На все вопросы отвечают детально, делая скриншоты. Подсказывают как сделать лучше, при этом неучтенные в техзадании моменты могут сделать не требуя дополнительных денег. С удовольствием порекомендовал их своим знакомым, которым требовался сайт.
I have no words to say, ecomlabs is a smart team, they are very helpful and professional
Как всегда команда на высоте. Очень быстрый ответ и главное желание помочь. Спасибо вам! До новых встреч )))
Perfect developement service, my old shop was falling to bits but still I wanted to preserve it's design and ecomlabs did exactly that, it's just the same, you would not notice the
Ребята просто молодцы! Делают все быстро. Быстро откликаются на проблему. Цены демократичные. По простым вопросам могут проконсультировать бесплатно. Если решили приобрести лицензию, ту лучше у них.
Спасибо ребятам с EcomLabs за помощь и поддержку. Обращаюсь уже не первый раз. Советую всем, кто нуждается в профессиональной разработке и поддержке своих проектов!
Профессиональные разработчики. Был на заказа модуль, справились со своей задачей, были моменты, когда что-то не работало, но приложили усилия и ошибку исправили. Дают тщательные ответы на интересующие вопросы. Рекомендую всем, кто хочет кастомизировать свой магазин.
Perfect Team! We have place at least 5 special projects till now and all has been complete perfect! Every shop needs one team like eComLabs!

Highly Recommended!
Огромное спасибо команде eComLabs за качественную и быструю помощь. Так же хочу выразить отдельную признательность за качественные разработки. Большое вам спасибо.
What a great team. They did everything I asked and more, quickly and efficiently. I will definitely be using them again.


Images Optimization
5.0 (10)
This module allows you to optimize images in order to increase the speed of pages loading for your website
Additional Block Settings
5.0 (6)

This module allows to enable blocks for mobile, tablet or desktop devices and enable blocks for specific user groups.
CS-Cart add-on  referral marketing
Referral Marketing
5.0 (2)

This module allows the store administrators to reward the referrers who invited new customers.