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Оцените продукт Новое сообщение

I would like just to say that ecom-labs have just been fantastic. They developed for us an add-on which other companies couldn't really get their head around. No question was too small or big. There were times when I was unsure about a few things but Aleksey always sent long emails explaining word for word each of the components. They even helped me make changes to our site for free.

we have a few other modifications in the pipe and i will only use them. extremely happy with their service.

Fantastic company....!!!

On my opinion ecom-labs team is offer to customers suitable development service. On first phase customer gets preliminary results from ecom-labs on test system. Then customer verifies all modifications on front-end and admin-side. All customer comments ecom-labs fulfills in short time. Only after custom conclusion ecom-labs transfer modifications on the production system.
Such scheme is guarantee that results made by ecom-labs will be very closed to customer expectations at the start.
Highly recommend using ecom-Labs Development and support service.

Заказывали интеграцию дизайна с адаптивной версткой. Ребята выполнили работу точно в срок, а потом отработали ВСЕ пожелания и примечания по корректировке отображения дизайна на разных устройствах и в разных браузерах.
Потребовалось решить много специфических задач, которые были существенными для корректной работы сайта. Команда разработчиков отвечала на все пожелания и отрабатывала все замечания, тестировала и оптимизировала.
Поразила отзывчивость, заинтересованность в высоком качестве работы, внимание к деталям. Видно, что команда заботится о своей репутации и старается соблюдать высокие стандарты сервиса. Спасибо им огромное. Всем рекомендую!

I’d like to write a short thank you note to show how much I appreciate and commend your efforts in helping me resolve the problems with my website. Without your attention to detail and the time you took to carefully check my source code, I would not have been able to resolve the issues in such short time.
In light of the help rendered by your support team, I’d like you to know that I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Нужно было в короткие сроки сделать проект, связанный с доставкой. Ребята из команды eCom Labs внимательно изучили требования и быстро выполнили проект, при этом не изменив ни одного стандартного файла.
Отмечу, что не требовалось долгих согласований и обсуждений, видно что команд давно в деле и знает что надо интернет магазинам.
5 баллов!

We would like to thank EcomLabs for the help. Professionalism are in they hearts, they were kind, helpful, work is done in time like they promised in professional manner. They doing really great job. If in a future we would need any modifications without hesitations we will contact them. One pleasure working with them. Great Team. Thanks for everything.

The eComLabs Team is very helpful and a excellent supporter. Thank you for the great Job.

Спасибо большое команде разработчиков eCom Labs. Приобрел модуль оплаты LiqPay, мне Было Важно подкорректировать его под свои нужды. Команда eCom Labs сделала эти доработки бесплатно и справились на отлично!!!. Очень благодарен Вам.

Thax alot for support Ecom . I think i chose corect reseller . Hơp will buy more Add on from you.

I just want to shoutout this EcomLabs, This team is the best "RealTalk"... Because from the first time I installed the cs-cart website, i really dont know where i am going to fix the issue to my Cs Cart MultiVendor.. And then I tried to post some thread here in forum regarding the issue..And ECom-Labs Came to the RESCUE, from nowhere, they just like superhero from the movies.:)...and they are giving free modification for simple issue/bugs. Instead of Submit a ticket directly to CS-Cart and deduct the Points...
Keep It Up.. EcomLabs Team.. Great Job , Two Thumbs Up.. and expect me for more questions and help from you..

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