Hide product uploading fields

This addon will hide information from product uploading fields as per details in full description tab

Last update: 12.02.2023
Hide product uploading fields

Its been noticed that vendors don't like to work harder for uploading products and they don't have enough time to signup most of the E-commerce websites for uploading their products, they want to upload products with very easy and simple user interface,

we have developed this addon to simplify the display of products uploading fields, you can hide whatever you want and keep only the fields which are important to run your business successfully.

you simply need to tick the checkbox for hiding any field (Very Simple)

details of fields to be hide can be found below and few of the fields are displayed on images as well.

Hide product name

Hide vendor name

Hide categories

Hide price field

Hide full description field

Hide status field

Hide images field

Hide options settings

Hide pricing and inventory fields

Hide code (sku)

Hide List price field

Hide in stock field

Hide zero price field

hide inventory field

Hide minimum quantity and hide maximum quantity fields

Hide quantity step field

Hide number of available quantities

Hide taxes (VAT) field

Hide availability

Hide user group checkboxes

Hide creation date

Hide avail since

Hide out of stock actions

Hide extras

Hide product details view

Hide short description

Hide popularity field

Hide search words field

Hide promo text field

Hide Tabs

Hide SEO tab

Hide Options tab

Hide Variations tab

Hide Shipping properties tab

Hide Quantity discounts tab

Hide Subscribers tab

Hide Add-ons tab

Hide Features tab

Hide Tabs tab

Hide Tags tab

Hide Attachments tab

Hide Reward points tab

Hide Required products tab

Hide Layouts tab

Note: you can choose to hide these tabs and fields from admin panel.

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Providing solutions for cs cart users to fix their problems and issues via addon development

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