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Mega Menu – extends the standard menu, adding a cool and handy features.

Examples of work:



- Vertical tree categories with control of the cursor (like in Amazon)

- Block for category tree like on

- Integrated search bar (tested with searchanise)

- Banners in the category tree

- Excellent menu for phones

- SVG icons support

- Compact switch currencies and languages for phones

- It is easy to change color

- Focus on menu hover

- You can add a WYSIWYG content

- Possible to change the number of elements

- Switching images for 3 level categories
- Sticky menu on scroll

New 3.0:

- New style "table (Walmart)"
- Ability to install demo data for menu
- Integrated Shopping Cart
- Integrated My Profile
- Integrated Wishlist add-on
- Integrated Comparison List
- Integrated Store Logo
- Delay when opening drop-down lists
- Special view to display categories

Version for mobile phones:


The category tree:

If the cursor moves into the green triangle the currently displayed submenu will stay open for just a bit longer.


Ability to install demo data for menu:

Ability to install demo data for menu

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
Compatible versions:
  • 4.11.1
  • 4.10.4.SP1
  • 4.10.4
  • 4.10.3
  • 4.10.2
  • 4.10.1
  • 4.9.3
  • 4.9.2
  • 4.9.1
  • 4.8.2
  • 4.8.1
  • English
  • Русский
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The product is fine, although some additional features would be useful.
The support is really great, my problems are always resolved quickly thanks to their great responsiveness

Bought Mega Menu addon off ThemeHills. Absolutely superb addon I have to like a breeze once installed turning our menu from the stone age into something only giant companies like Amazon have. Considering hundreds of categories that we have this addon does the magic enabling our customers to find what they are after quick and easy.

This company is a lot more to offer than what I anticipated. All my questions were answered in less than a minute. And I appreciated very much Oleg's friendly service in helping me out on website glithches that actually have nothing to do with his great addon.

This is a serious company that knows how to treat their customers. Five Stars from me!!!!!

I am very happy with the plugin and when we ran into an issue that was resolved very quickly by after sales support

These guys are great! I am running an older version that caused a small glitch in the backend (nothing major). Was fixed within 24 hours. And they were quick to make it work more functional for me since I have 2 lines of menus. Highly recommend!

На мой взгляд, самый лучший модуль-меню, как для десктопов, так и для мобильных устройств.
Решает вопросы удобства, которые отсутствуют "в коробке" и расширяют функционал разными полезными фичами.
Спасибо Theme Hills за прекрасное меню и за качественную доработку под нашу логику.

Очень полезный модуль с нужным функционалом.
Хорошая поддержка.
Пришлось много времени потратить, чтобы подогнать дизайн меню под стандартную тему CS-Cart. Потому что базовый дизайн модуля не очень понравился.

Quick email reply and very good after sale service.
Strongly recommend to buy product from them.

Мега Меню - просто Мега нужный модуль для CS-Cart!
Я купил этот модуль еще в июне, но из-за большой загруженности не мог его потестировать и внедрить в магазин, хотя его функционал на демке разработчика очень понравился.

И вот сейчас, наконец, появилось время. Кратко, мои впечатления от модуля - "ВАУ"! :)

Если в десктопной версии еще можно как-то с натяжкой его сравнивать с другими модулями меню, то для мобильного режима ему просто нет равных. Когда-то очень долго ждал подобной реализации от разработчиков Твигмо, но не дождался.

И вот наконец свершилось - ThemeHills красавцы!

After a modification which we had to pay extra for it, it's a really great add-on, it's doing exactly what we need. Good job guys and thank you!

I have purchased the Mega Menu - and since I have had some technical problems that were on my site, I have asked for help from ThemeHIlls. And what did I get? I got not only HELP, but a lot of patience, experience, knowledge, willingness to help on more than weird hours. Simply- I felt I am not alone with technical problem and that the guys from ThemeHills are with me. I could not ask for more. I appreciate your great work guys! One working with you can see that you are full of passion for your work. As I have purchased few add-ons from you before, I will keep follow your work and will buy from you more. You have made my site to look perfect! Thank you!

So, if you are looking to buy an add-on and you are ready to pay for it- pay to company that is taking care for it's product and will make all for it work as needed. This is ThemeHills.