Купить на маркетплейсе


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Google Trusted Stores
This module adds a Google Trusted Store site badge to your store


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Pay by Link
Send payment links directly to your customers via email with Pay by Link add-on.


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Buy Product Link
This add-on allows you to add a link to buy a product on a product detail page to speed up the purchase process . Once clicked, the user will be redirected...

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Create labels to different products just in seconds and highlight key product information.


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Cart Sharing
Gives your customers an opportunity to share the contents of their cart with family and friends.

Block with information about the vendor
This is an extension module promotion, the possibility of discounting the cheapest product in your shopping cart.


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Быстрый поиск
Модуль позволяет осуществлять релевантный поиск товаров по магазину. Реализован очень оптимизированный алгоритм поиска, что позволяет отображать результаты ...