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Automatic Cross-Selling
Automatic Cross-Selling, UpSelling, Related Products addon
Auto Suggest CS-Cart 4.x
Our " Auto Suggest " Addon, is the Google like suggestion tool, (suggest products while you write in the search box). The results show SKU, Product name, P...
ZenMall - первый мобильный социальный маркетплейс, ориентированный на коммерчески эффективную работу магазинов с потенциальными клиентами в долгосрочной пер...
Deal of the day
The best marketing tool for e-commerce. Is completely automated mod that will make offers to your customers and inform them by email about the daily deal...
Shipping And Payment Restrictions
Adjust shipping options and payment methods process to your business needs. Shipping and Payment Restrictions gives you complete control over the payment ga...
Получите доступ к 4 маркетинговым сервисам, которые генерируют продажи десяткам тысяч довольных клиентов по всему миру При подключении к нашим се...
Promotions - discount on products from a supplier(s)
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to give discounts on certain products suppliers.
Автоматизация email-маркетинга на основе искусственного интеллекта.
Sales & Orders Management Software for Google Shopping
Sales & Orders Management Software for Google Shopping The only software platform exclusively for E-Commerce store owners to build, manage, and maxim...
Product price negotiation
Price negotiation is an addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allowing to perform price negotiation from product card in shop.
Attractive Notifications For Administrators, Customers And Vendors
Increase customer engagement, let your customers, administrator and vendors about the updates, news or promotions in your store. Why To Use Not...
Арамба – это лучшее в России веб-приложение для рассылки СМС и электронной почты вашим любимым клиентам. Арамба не допускает опечаток в именах. Не присылает...
Платежный модуль УБРиР
Прием платежей в интернете (интернет-эквайринг) — проведение и обработка операций, проводимых с использованием банковских карт VISA и MasterCard Основные в...
  • Скидка 21%
Client Oder History
When a customer makes a new order in your store, you can refer to the history of all orders and see how many orders the customer has made in the past. You ...
Повышаем конверсию до 20-40%
Сервис ID-detector - это WoW маркетинговый инструмент, который позволяет значительно увеличить конверсию из посетителей в заявку.
Mail365 - профессиональный сервис для рассылки электронной почты
Integration with Criteo
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor enables integration with Criteo system (precise targeted advertisements). Extension adds to the shop some scripts, t...
Basic Info Popup Addon
Welcome your customers with info popup.
Clicky Analytics
Integrates Clicky Analytics with CS-Cart so you can monitor and analyze the traffic in real time. Clicky is an simplified alternative for Google Analytics...
  • Скидка 25%
Advanced Info Popup Addon
Welcome your customers with your own welcome message.
Twitter fetcher cscart addon
Display your tweets on your cscart store
Блок рекомендуемые товары на основе технических характеристик (умный подбор)
Лучшая Cross-sell cистема интеллектуального подбора рекомендуемых товаров на основе их технических характеристик в блок с разделением по категориям.
Tawk.to Live chat
The 100% free live chat application for your store.
Персональные купоны скидок
Привлекайте покупателей скидками и бонусами. С нашим модулем это можно сделать легко.
Родственные цвета
The Related Colors add-on creates new type of link between products. Using it you can add the special compact block "Related colors" with links to the pro...
CS-Cart Order Share to Social Media Add-on
CS-Cart Order Share To Social Media Add-on, it would be our pleasure to serve you. This is an add-on helps to boost your business sales through Social Media...
CS-Cart Recently Sold Products Pop-Up Add-on
CS-Cart Recently Sold Products Pop-ups are one of the most effective ways of advertising your online store products to your customers and it will increa...
Retargeting is a tool that helps online stores gather more data about their visitors and in turn transforming those visitors in paying customers. Try Retarg...
  • Скидка 19%
Abandoned cart emails addon
Abandoned cart Email addon allow you to send email to customers whose order items(products) are pending in cart means if they have abandoned carts. This ...
  • Скидка 30%
Facebook Tracking pixels
Facebook tracking pixels addon allow you to inserting Facebook Conversion Pixel code into CS-Cart products and category pages. Conversion tracking helps b...
Google Shopping Ads (PLA)
Introducing the most powerful Google Shopping Ads platform. It's automated, intelligent and goes beyond the traditional "spray & pray" approach. Check out s...
Facebook Pixel Integration for CS-Cart
Facebook Pixel Addon by 4sprung will allow you to integrate your Facebook Pixel Base Code to your CS Cart and track actions such as registering, purchas...
Category banners (banners among products)
The sence of the addon is to create an alternative banner management system, which items can take up a position of a product grid in category products listi...
Product discount for this promotion
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to set up promotion, so discount will be given for multiple products in cart.
Accounting redirects to the store vendor (PPC System)
Addon to Multi-Vendor , Multi-Vendor PLUS , Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows you to use PCC (Pay per click) system.
Авто SEO
Позволяет автоматически сгенерировать текст на странице товара по заданным ключевым фразам.
  • Скидка 38%
Search Meter
WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT When your customer is looking for something in your website and he/she can not find it. And you will not know about it withou...
Integration with chat SmartSupp
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to integrate your store with SmartSupp chat.
Google Enhanced eCommerce
Track Shopping Behavior Product impressions Product clicks Checkout steps tracking (Add-to-cart monitoring and abandonment, all 4 steps + submit order) Pr...
Shipping Availability Extented
Extend the standard product availability of CS-Cart with this Addon. Choose what to show when product not available, between your custom...
Tripple Banner
Another useful CS-Cart Addon for your shop . Set 3 same size banners in one row, easily and quickly without code or css tweeking. ...
Автогенерация Мета-данных
Позволит Вам добавить на все страницы товаров и категорий мета-данные по заданным параметрам.
  • Скидка 41%
Похожие товары
Модуль Похожие продукты CS-Cart добавляет новые варианты для заполнения блока "Товары" в витрине магазина. С помощью модуля вы cможете подбирать и отображ...
Хочу дешевле
Позволит Вашим клиентам отправить заявку на аналогичный товар, но дешевле.
  • Скидка 17%
CS-Cart модуль Категория-Новинка собирает все новые товары в отдельной категории и автоматически обновляет список по мере поступлений новых товаров.
NotifyVisitors - Web Push Notifications
Enable Chrome Push Notification, Mozilla Push Notification or Safari Push Notification With Powerful Analytics, Multiple Targeting Rules, Unlimited Notifica...