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Tripple Banner
Another useful CS-Cart Addon for your shop . Set 3 same size banners in one row, easily and quickly without code or css tweeking. ...
Side Promo Banner
Adds a side banner to announce promotions and other useful information
Sticky Add To Cart
Adds the buy button to the product detail page when the page is scrolled
Product image gallery
Place images into the special tab separating them from the main image.
Комментарии ВКонтакте
Позволяет добавить блок с виджетом комментариев ВКонтакте на любую страницу магазина в блоке.
  • Save 34%
Social Tabs
Combines all social network into tabs
Estimated Delivery Date
Let the customer be in the know of the delivery date when he is on checkout page.
  • Save 51%
Category Landing View
Adds a new block with a list of categories to your store. With it, you will create a unique look for your home page.
Extended Logo
makes the store’s logo adaptive. Supports SVG.
Full Width Grid
allows to create full width grids (bg, menu, banners, etc)
Re-Order Reminders
Remind customers when its time to re-order.