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May 2016
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Czech Republic

MonkeyData is a tool for online stores owners or managers. It automatically analyzes data from various sources you utilize in your business and gives you results in one place in easily readable dashboards. MonkeyData gives you permanent control over your business and right information for its further development.

The connecting to data sources is very simple and all over takes up to 3 minutes. Thanks to a secured cloud solution and mobile application you have immediate access to processed data from anywhere while you don't have to worry about safety. Furthermore, MonkeyData regularly sends you summary reports and you also can share your projects with colleagues. So in any case MonkeyData saves your time, cuts down costs and helps you to make instant and effective decisions.

Add-on/modification development
Need custom functionality for your store? We develop apps, modifications, and integrations to meet your unique requirements. Reliable and professional solutions.



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