Merging Seller Orders for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Last update: 16/11/2021
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Merging Seller Orders for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Combining Sellers' orders for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

When purchasing goods from two or more sellers, the module creates a parent order and binds child orders to it. Child orders are not directly involved in the transaction, but they are needed to change the statuses of the parent. 

The module combines orders into one, and the buyer receives one receipt, and not several receipts from different purchases from different sellers, as is now the default.

The transaction is linked to the parent order, and the transport companies are linked to the subsidiaries. When child orders change their status to, for example, "Issued to the buyer", the status of the parent order automatically changes.


Suitable for carrying out different transactions in one order.


The buyer places an order from different sellers, but all reports come to him only on the parent order.

  • Freezes funds (hashing) on the buyer's account;
  • Combines different transactions and orders;
  • Forms one receipt for the buyer from all purchases;
  • Modifies the seller's interface, limiting the order statuses.

Combining Sellers' Orders + CloudPayments

The combination of these two modules allows you to get maximum privileges and convenience when forming an order and transaction. When making a purchase from several sellers, one parent order and several child orders will be formed. The funds in the process will be divided by sending money to the seller for the goods, the commission to the marketplace, and the payment for acquiring to the bank. The buyer will receive one receipt for the entire order.

  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor PLUS
Compatible versions
  • 4.14.3
  • English
  • Русский
Creates a separate parent order and displays items from child orders in it.
The module is unfinished. When working with the module, there are many bugs in it. The developer fixed some of the bugs, some they say that they do not plan to fix in the near future. One of these big bugs - the module blocks the ability to work with multiple number of orders at the same time. This means, that after installing this module, you will no longer be able to select several orders at once, as well as delete them, change their status and everything else. Hence, mass operations on orders are disabled completely. You will need to perform any operation on orders manually, one at a time. For example, if you need to change the status of hundreds of orders, you will change the status of each order one by one, you cannot select all hundred orders and change their status at once. And they say that they do not plan to fix this bug in the near future.
As I wrote above, there are still many shortcomings in this module. Everything would be fine, but the main trouble is that the developer refuses to fix them. To the question "why will you not fix this bug", we were answered "because except you, no one uses the functions of mass operations on orders in CS-Cart". Yes, that's exactly what they answered.
Hence, I'd like to draw your special attention to the customer service of this developer. Some of the most memorable moments are:
1. We purchased this module on February 17, 2022, the developer was fixing the bugs of the module until the end of April (about 2.5 months). And they are still not fixed.
2. The last and biggest bug that disables the multiple order selection function of CS-Cart and operations with a large number of orders (deleting, changing order statuses etc.), the developer refused to fix it at all. That is, this bug still exists, keep this in mind before purchasing the module.
3. After waiting 2.5 months for the module bugs to be fixed, after which we requested a refund and cancellation of the license for the module, we were simply refused. As a result, we spent almost $200 down the drain.
In connection with all this, we strongly recommend that you do not rush to buy neither this module nor other modules of this developer and try to look for other alternative solutions. Unless, of course, you want to waste $200 and 2.5 months waiting for bug fixes :)

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