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Orders Blacklist

Orders Blacklist

According to your previously banned orders system check new order and possibly mark the order as candidate for blacklist. | Author www.cs-cart.cz

1. Installation

Easily download the addon archive and put it into CS-Cart root directory. Go into administration and in a section for managing addons install the addon.

2. Set up

Follow the addon settings. Choose order statuses for candidate and banned orders. You can also select an order fields to be checked when new order is created.

3. Testing

  • Create an order and mark it as banned (= change status of the order).
  • Create another order with the same attributes.
  • This second order even should be automatically marked as a candidate for blacklist. See also internal notes of the order with log.


The addon is under pilot testing. Thank you for you comments in advance .

Actual version is compatible with CS-Cart 4.3.* . If you require the addon for older versions or you have another great idea, please contact us.

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The idea is great, and the way of realization is perfect! But does anybody tested it? It is impossible even to install this module - wrong structure... I;m afraid it will kill the site.