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Whether you’re a digital business or a high street store, payment gateways offer a secure way to take payments online. Our gateways come in different packages to suit your needs, helping you launch, startup and take off. How can I take payments online? For accepting payments online, customers process payment themselves via our payment gateway by entering their details online. For over-the-phone transactions, customers give you their details over the phone and you process payment via your virtual terminal. Whether the first or second or both options are right for you will depend on the nature of your business. What do I need to get started with online payments? For taking payments online, you’ll need a merchant account and your own company website. For over-the-phone transactions, you’ll need a merchant account with Paymentsense. After your account is set up, we’ll send you instructions to register for our online payment solutions. The process usually takes just a few minutes. In the unlikely event of you having difficulties, our friendly UK-based team is one phone call away. How secure is it to take payments online? At Paymentsense, we’re constantly updating our security systems to protect you and your customers. Our secure online payment services use only the latest fraud detection software and provide all business partners with Tier 1 DSS, the highest level of security the industry has to offer. Should your business have an e-commerce website without a Paymentsense-hosted page, we’ll set you up with a higher level of Payment Card industry compliance and an SSL certificate - to ensure that you’re as protected as a site with a hosted code pack.


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