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The Price Drop Alert* add-on for CS-Cart helps visitors to signup for an alert when the product they are interested in drops in price and comes within their budget constraints. This allows you to bring visitors back to your store and convert potentially interested visitors into customers. The visitors can choose to either receive notification of any drop change in price or to only receive a notification when the price drops below a certain value as selected by the visitor. This means that a client who is too busy to frequently return to your site can simply click a button and stay informed on the price of their product of interest.

  • Opt-in subscription, can be enabled, disabled
  • Sends notification email to store administrators and customer after each subscription
  • Price drop alert subscription statistics, administrators can follow easy the number of subscribers and the target price ranges to each product
  • Notifications will be sent in customer's language selected on subscription
  • Product thumbnail in notification emails
  • Multicurrency supported
  • Auto populated target price

What's opt-in subscription? A term that refers to promotional e-mails that have been requested by the individual receiving them. A new subscriber asks to be subscribed to the mailing list, but unlike unconfirmed opt-in, a confirmation email is sent to verify it was really them. Unlike spam promotional e-mails that get sent out to large lists of recipients without regard to whether or not they want the information, opt-in e-mails are only sent to people who specifically request them.

You are bound to sell more as visitors come back and buy when the price falls, which would not be the case without the price drop alert functionality on your CS-Cart product pages. Your clients will enjoy the convenience of having their price watching done for them.

No core files editing.
Easy installation, 1 click installation compatible with CS-Cart v.4.1.x editions and upper editions!
Detailed installation instructions included!
* Currently the add-on can track only the price changes made on the product administration page! Does not track the deals, promotions, other offers or changes made with other methods. If you want to offer promotions, deals we recommend to use our Deal of the Day with Alerts add-on.

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor


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nice add on and the help from webgraphiq and very good support, thanks a lot webgraphiq

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