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Romania Languages: English, Română, Français

We are a Cluj-Napoca, Romania based, full service web agency . We love solving online marketing challenges with a performance approach, high-end design & efficient development.Our designers think in images, diagrams, words, and movements , and for our developers programming is like writing poetry. We love what we do, and it has driven us to surpass our clients expectations.

What do we do?

We deliver complete online projects, where we combine strategy, design, implementation, promotion & constant optimization.

How do we work?

We start by understanding your idea & business. We make a strategy and a price quotation.

You will receive an account on our project manager, where you will be able to have a birds eye view on your project. You will be able to create tickets, tasks, attach files, and communicate with us. We offer you full transparency. This includes everything from time tracking, ticket creation, scheduling, invoicing, discussion boards, and more. You will allways see which members assigned to your project are online, and what are they working on. And you can see how your project growing on a dedicated development server.

Feel free to contact us, we will reply as fast as possible.

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We run a several add-ons from this developer, and while most have worked as advertised, a few have had issues. Normally a developer will fix bugs quickly and efficiently. With this company, they will justify the bugs as working as intended or blame Cs-cart.

We've had to delay cart upgrades because they haven't had upgrades available months after new versions of CS-Cart have been available.
This is frustrating if you have paid for updates.

While we use and enjoy addons from Seonid, I wouldn't recommend them if I could find someone else selling a similar product.

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