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Dynamic Search

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With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.


Dynamic Search

With the Dynamic Search add-on you get search results while you type.

When a user starts typing in the search input box, the module will perform a search depending on settings and display the results, the products small thumbnail, the product title, price, etc.


  • Results are shown as you type
  • Results narrow as you continue typing
  • Highlighted text in results
  • Search in product name
  • Search in short description
  • Search in full description
  • Search in keywords
  • Search in product code
  • Enable/disable the products mini thumbnail
  • Enable/disable the image previewer on mouse over
  • Enable/disable the product code beside the product name
  • Enable/disable the product price beside the product name
  • Search for the exact phrase, or all/any entered word
  • Set up the minimum entered characters to start searching (to prevent server overloading)
  • Limit the number of products in search results drop down list
  • Clickable links in search results

Easy installation, no core files changes, editing.

CS-Cart v3.x.x version Dynamic Search.
CS-Cart v2.x.x version Dynamic Search.

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
I've used this addon on 2 sites now. A superb addon that my clients love. Easy integration, great support from the developer and great flexibility in the options
Prof. Dr. P. Gradinarov
We were looking for an intelligent search solution that would be able to return products, pages and categories. Suggestive Live Search met all our requirements entirely and even offered instruments to show up related categories in the suggested search results. We wholeheartedly recommend this addon over any overpriced cloud solution.
Bozidar Dokl
We were satisfied with webgraphiq, because they were very responsive and prepared to customize addon for our needs.
And cost for customisation was very reasonable. Great job.
Works very well, customer support was excellent - I got into problems installing it (due to my inexperience) and they proved quick and attentive in fixing it up for me. Would definitely recommend webgraphiq and will use them again with confidence.
Webgraphiq Suggestive Search is easy to fine tune the settings (how many characters to be typed before springing into action, number of results to display, level of search detail etc).

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