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ChatGpt AI Assistant
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Follow Up on Unanswered Messages
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Simple & Easy Addon Helps you to follow up on Unanswered Messages from customers to vendors

Vehicle identification number on checkout page
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Vehicle identification number is an addon for cs cart users who have store for auto parts and need customers to enter VIN number on checkout which can be seen in order page by vendor and ownner, this is very helpful tool for ownners and vendors to get information from customers, you can use it as a block and put it anywhere in checkout page as required field.

further information about VIN is below.

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique code used to identify motor vehicles. It serves as a vehicle's fingerprint, providing a comprehensive history of the vehicle's make, model, manufacturer, country of origin, and other important details. VINs are used for various purposes, including vehicle registration, tracking, recalls, and insurance.

CS-Cart Reward Points Expiry Date
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CS-Cart Reward Points Expiry Date add-ons empower store owners to set expiration dates for customer-earned points, urging customers to redeem rewards before they vanish. Configure days for point expiration and enhance customer loyalty.

Anti-Spam Honeypot CAPTCHA
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Honeypot is an effective anti-spam tool protecting your website from bots.