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Order Cancellation
5.0 (2)

Order Cancellation : This magnificent extension gives the customers privilege of cancelling their orders. The eligibility of order cancellation is based on product, price of order, time period and status of order.

2Checkout Inline Frame
5.0 (1)
Скидка 53%

2Checkout Inline - это блок для оформления заказа, который отображает popup окно с платежной формой. Он разработан для того, чтобы Ваши покупатели не уходили с сайта для оплаты.

Payment -> Order status
5.0 (2)

Addon to Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart allows you to set default order status to each payment. It makes managing many orders easier and faster operate them.

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OTP Verification
5.0 (7)

OTP Verification : This impressive add-on enables user's store to verify orders by sending a confirmation code using SMS.

Daily Deal
5.0 (3)

Daily Deal : This splendid extension is used to fabricate a deal for products that lasts for a limited span of time.

Export/import reward points
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Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to export and import user reward points.

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Эффекты для Изображений Продукта (Смена изображений при наведении)
5.0 (10)

Добавляет эффект смены изображений продукта при наведении на него курсором мыши

Лейблы для товаров
5.0 (9)
Текстовые и графические лейблы, которые можно назначать товарам или категориям вручную или автоматически через конструктор условий.
Order Clone
Нет отзывов

This magnificent extension helps to replicate the order to create a new order. This involves the concept of generating an identical copy of order with different order id.

User Activation By Mail
3.0 (4)

CS-Cart User Activation By Mail: This magnificent extension has been provided the feature of activation of user account via mail.

Advance Live Currency Converter
4.8 (8)

CS-Cart Advance Live Currency Converter : This magnificent add-on has the ability to auto update and display currency according to the current exchange rates inside CS-Cart backend. The source of exchange rate is Yahoo and shows the live exchange rate of the day.

Product Review Request
5.0 (1)

Product Review Request - This magnificent extension allows user to send reminder to customers in form of invitation to make a review of the items purchased after a period based on the order status selected.