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Compatibility versions
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Iyzico Multi-Vendor Payment Gateway
4.7 (3)
CS-Cart Iyzico Multi-Vendor Payment Gateway effortlessly splits payment among vendors and admin. It automatically calculates & splits the amount.
CS Cart add-on product stickers
Product Stickers
5.0 (3)

This module allows to add stickers and labels to products

Terms and Conditions
4.7 (3)
Showing terms of using a store, which user has to accept on specifying personal info (email, phone number, etc.).
CS-Cart addon up sells cross sells
Up-sells And Cross-sells
3.7 (3)

This module shows related products in the Add to cart notification, Cart content and notification on the order landing page

Advanced Add to Cart
5.0 (3)
Indicates the products that are already in the cart or in the wish list.
Multi-Vendor Bridge
3.7 (3)
Save 25%
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Bridge is designed especially for CS-Cart Multi-vendor systems to allow vendors to manage their mini-store via frontend.
Amazon Connector
5.0 (3)
Now it has become easier to sell on multiple channels & manage catalog and sales on just one platform. With the help of this add-on, you can manage your products and orders of from Amazon via CS-Cart backend.
CS Cart add-on SEO rules
SEO Rules
5.0 (3)

This module allows to specify SEO name to any URL with extra parameters

CS-Cart addon Dadata
5.0 (3)
This add-on allows to show suggestions for profile fields and autofill address with geolocation service
Shopify Connector
3.7 (3)
This allows you to connect and integrate Shopify data to your cs-cart store. It allows you to map category and map shipping locations for products. Also a merchant is able to creates various accounts.
Similar categories
5.0 (3)
Just link similar categories to the category and products will automatically assign to the specified similar categories.
Auto convert images to WEBP
5.0 (3)
Automatically converts all images to WEBP on upload