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Hide products without images
The add-on allows you to hide products without images. Users can’t see products without images on the products category page. All products without images wi...


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Sending mail with delay
The e-mail sending in the CS-Cart platform takes place right after the user action. After the sign in or checkout finishing for example. It makes the pages ...


$125.00 $99.00
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Block network robots
Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows blocking network robots. Network robots are that visit random websites, catalog them and generate art...

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This module allows to show suggestions for profile fields and autofill address with geolocation service


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Custom Carriers
This module allows to and new tracking carriers and disable default ones


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SEO Rules
This module allows to specify SEO name to any URL with extra parameters

$99.00 $75.00
Independent sorting in the panel
Extension for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor enables independent sorting of products and orders in the administration panel.


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CCAvenue Payment Gateway
CCAvenue is a popular Payment Gateway that allows online merchants to process their all online transaction. This is authorized by Indian financial instituti...

Advanced Notification
CS-Cart Advanced Notification add-on for your CS-Cart store boosts the customer experience with its opulent notifications feature and sends notifications in...

The status of the orders without restrictions
The module will remove the restriction on the creation of statuses for orders.

Awesome Notifications
Awesome Notifications to replace the default and dull notifications of CS-Cart, for a better customer experience.