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EZ Quickorder
Easily setup and report on variable product and category commissions.

Warehouse Management System
This allows an admin and vendor to add & manage as many warehouse locations as desired. The nearby warehouse will be assigned automatically to the orders ge...


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Point Of Sale (POS)
CS-Cart Point Of Sale (POS) Add-on allows merchants to manage the inventory in their offline shop also. Complete synchronization of online and offline order...

Данный модуль интегрирует платежную систему CoinPayments

Данный модуль интегрирует платежную систему Braintree Payments

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Checkout Countdown Timer
Create of urgency at the checkout with a proven method to increase checkout conversions. This add-on creates a timed countdown

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Отзывы о продавцах (как на eBay)
Данный CS-Cart модуль значительно расширяет и стандартный функционал отзывов для продавцов Вашего маркетплейса. Он позволяет собирать среднюю статистику и д...


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Vendor Subdomain
CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain is a splendid extension which allows the seller(s) to create a sub-domain for their products on the Multi-Vendor site. This add-on ...

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Google Tag Manager
Easy addition of Google Tag Manager code to CS-CART

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Adobe Typekit Fonts
Easily use Adobe Typekit Fonts on your website. Select Kit ID, and insert chosen fonts. Required Adobe Typekit Membership / Access.


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Facebook Live Chat Messenger
Facebook Live Chat Messenger Addon for CS-CART adds instant chat widget icon to your CS-CART store. The customer messages go directly to your Facebook Pages...