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The CS-Cart Upload Prescription module allows the customers to provide the prescription for the product by filling up the form present in their storefront.

Special Promotion Conditions
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With the help of our CS-Cart Special Promotion Conditions add-on, you can increase your customers, your sales, and your business easily without making a lot of effort.

Expired Products Purchase Restriction
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This add-on restricts customers to purchase the expired products from the store.

Web To Print
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This allows the customer to design their products with ease and gives them the freedom to put up any design of their liking. 

Advanced Backup Management
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By using this add-on you can create a data backup and store your data in a secure location, and making it safe.

Prestashop Connector
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The module allows the admin to synchronize his product category and Orders in a simple way.

WooCommerce Connector
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CS-Cart WooCommerce Connector gives the CS-Cart store owners the functionality to sync their CS-Cart store to the WooCommerce store. The merchants can sync the WooCommerce products and orders to the CS-Cart store using this extension.

WhatsApp Chat Support
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This splendid add-on provides the facility to the customers to chat with the support agents of your website through WhatsApp.

Hyperlocal System
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This add-on is a beneficial add-on with the help of which admin/vendor can easily add the location where they can ship their products hence making the system reliable for admin/vendor and also for their customers.

Promotions - discount on products of vendors - subscription
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Save 40%

Extension to Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor Plus and Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows creating promotions with vendor conditions. Add-on also allows vendors to create their own promotions.

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Auto user group
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