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SEO Meta Tags Generator
5.0 (4)

This module allows to automatically generate meta info for products, categories and pages using specific templates

I want cheaper
5.0 (1)

Let Your customers request a similar product, but cheaper.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)
No reviews

With CS-cart module "Module Questions and Answers (FAQ)" will allow You to create a block with questions and answers anywhere on the site, as well as a separate page.

Order Payout
4.0 (1)
Save 20%

Integrate "order payout" feature in your store. Many time admin want to save transaction date , transaction id , transaction amount of order which paid by any offline payment method but they can't save it. so our team making it for our Cs-cart store admin so that they can save offline payment transaction id & date in order details page . Cs-cart/ Multivendor Order Payout is a featured addon.

Product Rules - Auto Approve
No reviews
Approve, activate & hide products for Vendor(s) with a single click or automatically.
CS-Cart add-on live exchange rate
Live Exchange Rates
4.5 (4)
Save 55%

This module allows the store administrators to receive live currency rates from European Central Bank, SberBank, PrivatBank, Google Finance or PayPal

One Line Scroll Layout
No reviews
New layout for product list. Now your customers can just click any product and it will be shown without page reloading.
CS-Cart addon google trusted stores
Google Trusted Stores
5.0 (1)

This module adds a Google Trusted Store site badge to your store

CS-Cart addon authorize net sim
Authorize.Net SIM
No reviews
Save 50%

Connect your store to Authorize.Net SIM payment system

Cs-Cart addons Data feed improvements
Data Feeds Improvements
5.0 (1)

This module allows to export products combinations as separate items in data feeds

Google Geolocation
No reviews
Detect and geolocate users and display it with Google maps. Collapsible block with mini-map is set to store's top menu automatically.
cs-cart addon braintree
Braintree Payments
No reviews

Connect your store to Braintree payment system