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Product Rules - Auto Approve
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Approve, activate & hide products for Vendor(s) with a single click or automatically.
Product Reviews Page
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Extends the default product reviews and adds page for all product reviews.
Product Review Request
5.0 (1)

Product Review Request - This magnificent extension allows user to send reminder to customers in form of invitation to make a review of the items purchased after a period based on the order status selected.

Product Recommendation
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Enhance your online store with the CS-Cart Product Recommendation add-on, streamlining the product suggestion process. Effortlessly customize recommendations through the Product Recommendation tab, empowering sellers to seamlessly incorporate products into this section. This addon is a valuable tool for online shoppers, improving their experience by suggesting products that align with their preferences and selections, ultimately making their shopping journey more enjoyable and personalized.

Product Questions
5.0 (1)
Additional customizable question and answer section on the product page with the ability to search by its content.
Product questions
5.0 (1)
  • Questions about product.
  • Questions list in profile menu.
  • Public or private questions.
Product quality
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Save 18%
Increases customer confidence by showing the number of sales and the percentage of returns (defective) in the product card.
Product price negotiation
5.0 (2)
Price negotiation is an addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allowing to perform price negotiation from product card in shop. Administrator can globally set price negotiation parameters during extension configuration.
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Product Price Calculator
5.0 (2)
Save 20%
Adds a calculator functionality allowing customers calculate the exact price immediately on product page by typing the required custom product sizes.
Product payments options
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Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to set for each product, a list of available payment methods.Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount
Product payment methods - add-on for CS-Cart
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  • Choose the payment method for each product.
  • Set the payment method for product categories.