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Unique product codes
Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor protects you to set the same product code to different products. Every product in shop has its code, that i...

AutoImage Lite
AutoImage Lite for CS-Cart is an add-on that assists your image editing, by cropping and resizing all your images automatically, maintaining aspect ratio


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Developer's Add-on for CS-Cart
Developer is a free CS-Cart add-on for developers that aims to ease the development of add-ons and themes (reinstall addons, reinstall translations, pack re...

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HDFC Payment Gateways
HDFC Payment Gateway

COD Availability By Pincode/Zipcode
This magnificent COD availability checker extension allows user to configure cash on delivery to specific Pincode/Zipcode. This feature facilitates customer...

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Custom Shipment Carriers Tracking
This shipping carrier's tracking service makes easy for user to expedite the shipment tracking flow and delight the customers


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Payment Restriction By Product
Payment Restriction By Product : This splendid extension will help users to restrict payment methods available to customers based on products. This extens...