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CS-Cart categories background
Categories Background
No reviews

This module allows to specify different background images or colors for product categories

Hide product uploading fields
No reviews
Save 94%

This addon will hide information from product uploading fields as per details in full description tab

Price drop notification
No reviews

Capture future purchase intent and trigger shoppers to return to your site and buy.

Marketplace vendor pricing privileges
No reviews
Save 50%

The module imposes pricing restrictions for the seller. It sets margins in the margins in the settings of product cards.

CS-Cart addon authorize net sim
Authorize.Net SIM
No reviews
Save 50%

Connect your store to Authorize.Net SIM payment system

Advanced meta tags and placeholders
No reviews

Get templates based automatic SEO optimization with placeholders support

Crisp Live Chat
No reviews
No reviews

MyFatoorah is a flexible and open-source payment gateway built on the CS-Cart e-commerce solution.

Custom H1 header PRO
No reviews

Get custom H1 header without any renaming

CS-Cart add-on export import pages
Export/ Import Pages
No reviews

This module allows to export and import CMS pages, blog posts, forms and polls