Advanced SEO Suite v5.2 for CS-Cart MULTIVENDOR

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Cs Cart Advanced SEO
Advanced SEO Suite v5.2 for CS-Cart MULTIVENDOR

The ultimate CS-Cart SEO Suite over 50 different features incl.

Page-by-page SEO optimization and ranking checks without the need to employ professionals!

For any business, an active on-page SEO is the foundation for an effective online marketing strategy. Once all the page factors have been search engine optimized, an on-page SEO checker is essential to update your content to maintain and improve your rank in search engine rankings.

With almost two decades of experience in the e-commerce industry and digital marketing tools design, 4Sprung offers a unique solution that guarantees on-site SEO optimization and high ranks for your website and web pages, without adding to your budget.

The standard CS-Cart has some basic SEO functionality but leaves a lot to be desired when businesses aim to move a notch ahead of their competitors. For these reasons, 4Sprung's 4SEO Add-on not only save costs but also helps your website perform to its fullest. Here are some of the latest features of our advanced SEO add-on for the CS- Cart:

Easy and DIY Installation

Unlike the previous Advanced SEO version, the 5th version comes with an automatic installer. The product is delivered within 24-48 business hours of placing an order and can be easily installed, without the need of any technical assistance or professional installation services. So save up on your costs and, simply click, download upload to your server and install in a flash! The installation process is completed within 2 minutes and an instruction video is available.

12-month updates and support*

Every Advanced SEO addon purchase now comes with 6-month support and updates included. You can further extend this to 12 months if you post a positive review on the CS-Cart forum and on our add-on page. Just sent us the links to your review within the first month of purchase and we add another 6-month support and updates (support is limited to bugs we, unfortunately, can't provide general SEO advice)

Completely Rewritten Code Base

The 5th version is a complete overhaul and rewrite of the code base of the previous CS-Cart Advances SEO Suit version. The new version includes major bug fixes, better user interface and improved compatibility with changes made in the CS-Cart Framework. The new version also takes in to account the latest google algorithm changes.

Custom 404 Page

With the Custom 404 Page, re-engaging your customers and preventing bounce-offs is easier. The Custom 404 Page includes several content options that allow you to tailor-make your website as per your needs. Through this feature, you can add a small paragraph, multiple images or even a use Cs Cart's built in HTML sitemap.

Video sitemaps

For any website, videos and graphics are crucial for customer retention and lead generation. They are equally important for SEO optimization purposes. The video sitemap feature included in the Advanced SEO Suit automatically generates a Google compatible sitemap and saves it as a .xml file onto your system which is automatically updated when you post new videos. You can then submit the file to Google via Googles web master tools.

Updated On-page SEO tools

The 4SEO Version 5 provides a number of tips and useful suggestions with respect to improving the SEO ranking by way of optimizing the keywords, Meta descriptions, tags and other features.

In addition, the following functions also help:

Easy in-site linking

The interlinking tool allows you better access and control over your website's internal links. This feature can automatically insert relevant pages to page links, select and design the anchor text and give you better control on the overall internal linking scheme of your website.

Intuitive Suggestions & SEO Score

With 4SEO, you need not hire an expert to decide text placement and other features on your website. The intuitive suggestion module makes your web improvisation easy. It offers detailed advice on all keywords, headings, keyword density, Meta keywords, internal links, images and Meta descriptions for better optimization. This will help you create all-rounded optimized product pages and not miss important details that can improve your SEO score.

This useful tool prevents you from over or under optimizing your web pages and keep a check and balance in this regard. The Advanced SEO Dashboard, on the left-hand side of the screen, displays your current SEO Score and keyword density to guide your overall optimization process in a better manner.

Template Page Titles for Categories, Sub-categories and Product Pages

Do you have many hundreds or thousands of product pages that you cannot manage individually? Then let 4SEO simplify things for you. This add-on helps you save both, time and effort, by setting up default short codes for your categories, sub-categories, and product pages.

301 Redirects Import/Export

The new 301 redirect feature allows you to both, import and export, bulk 301 redirects with just a few steps. These involve entering the old URL for your website, the new URL and the type of page, which can be a product, category or custom page.

Auto-Filling for Meta Content

If you have a large amount of web pages, which need optimization, then our auto-fill option works wonders. Using the first 164 characters from your product description, 4SEO generates relevant and precise Meta content that guarantees an improved SEO score for all web pages.

By doing so, you can save up on the time and costs of hiring SEO experts and content writers for the job while obtaining a high-ranking and quality-assured SEO content for your product and other web pages. Similarly, the advanced SEO add-on for CS cart allows you to use multiple Meta tags like Meta Robot Follow or No-follow, no Archive, no Snippet and several more.

Canonical URLs

For mid-sized and rapidly expanding e-commerce stores, a duplicate content issue may arise. The in-site duplication can adversely affect your SEO ranking since search engines (particularly Google) penalizes duplicate content. With the help of 4SEO, canonical URLs can easily be assigned that prevent duplicate content from arising – thereby preventing your ranking from falling. Such URLs request Google to index a specific URL and leave the shadow page as it is.

Duplicate Page Title Checks

Page titles are undoubtedly one of the most important on-page SEO factors. Well formatted and unique page titles get you additional traffic and help you target more keywords simultaneously. The duplicate title checker automatically scans for duplicate page titles across the website and gives you a list of URLs along with the duplicate titles. You can then manually inspect every URL and make changes accordingly.

Over-Optimization Warning

Having an over-optimised website for your business is as devastating as having an under-optimized one. With the change in search engine algorithms and industrial practices over the years, the ranking mechanisms have changed drastically. SEO Advanced Version 5 comes with a feature that warns you when you go overboard with SEO. This helps you select and place the right keywords with the right density throughout your web copies and save your website from falling below the ranks.

Advanced Meta Tag Support

The advanced SEO add-on for the CS cart allows you to use multiple Meta tags like Meta Robot Follow or No-follow, no Archive, no Snippet and several more. You can set these Meta tags on category level or page level as you please.

Facebook, Twitter & Bing

Facebook is all about people sharing stories about their daily activities and keeping in touch with one another. 4SEO helps integrate all your apps with Facebook, which allows better engagement, distribution, and growth of information and customer-base. The Open Graph feature lets all the apps share stories on Facebook, by means of a structured and well-typed API.

With the help of the Twitter Cards feature, you can easily attach media experiences onto your Twitter account with links to your content. With the help of this code, Twitter users and your followers who Tweet links to your content, will have a card added to the Tweet that is seen by others. The Webmaster Verification module also aids with the site and domain ownership authentication and verification for Google and Bing search engines.

Twitter Cards Implementation

The updated version of SEO Advanced V5 allows you to link your content via Tweets with the help of Twitter cards. These allow you to share media experiences on Twitter with an attached code. The code will generate a card on each Tweet that users can link to your content, making it visible to all their followers.

LSI Keywords

Now get keyword suggestions in real time, with 4SEO! The LSI keyword tool gets keyword suggestions directly from search engines and lists important keywords that you should be targeting. The LSI feature also generates close keyword matches, long tail keyword suggestions, and synonyms.

You can incorporate these keywords in your page titles, headings, and body text, and create a perfectly optimized page that not only will rank well but will also get you additional converting traffic via long tailed keywords.

Create Indexed Testimonial Pages

CS Cart's default testimonial pages are non-indexable. With the help of 4SEO, however, you can easily index your testimonials pages to improve your SEO rank in the Google search results. The process is simple and cost-free. Once the Advanced SEO Plug-in is installed, go to SEO Rules in the Website Content section. View the Dispatch Value and change SEO name from “testimonials" to “discussions.view."

Important Notes:

Before you purchase our product, please read the following instructions:

  • As a protection and precautionary measure, all of our codes are encrypted with the IonCube encoder. IonCube is pre-installed on 99% of UNIX-based web servers. Before purchasing, please ensure that you have the latest IonCube version for your web server
  • Our product is guaranteed to work on a standard CS cart installation. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility with core modifications or 3rd part add-ons. If you should run into issues we can customize the add-on at an extra cost to take your modifications into account
  • If you run multiple stores on the same backend you will need a license for each store you can not use the addon only for selected domains on a multi-store installation.

With the most advanced SEO tools offered, the 4SEO CS-Cart Add-on revolutionizes your digital marketing experience by helping you improve your search engine rankings and keeping you on top of all the search results. Click here to place an order and let the all-in-one SEO expert take care of all your e-commerce needs!

  • Multi-Vendor
Compatible versions
  • 4.5.2
  • 4.4.3
  • 4.3.10
  • English
hi nothing works how much is the SEO good it never ever come up on the first page until you pay for google yahoo bing
Amir Kokane
"Thank you. We are in love with our website after installing your addone.Everything we had hoped for!Some times we feels its more than that ! You have helped us take our website to the next level. Your patience, creativity & intuition have been a pleasure to work with.We are so grateful for your informative guidance, patience and responsiveness,

You thoughtfully created an environment which challenged us to define our product and consequently our customers. We are already well on our way to recommending 4sprung and your services as much as we can."

Thank You So Muccchh Team 4sprung.Looking For more Addone's from you in future.
Matthew Malios
This addon for SEO is an essential product that is brilliant and will guide you through to the best SEO results that can be achieved....!! Easy to use and great help from the company. I do not know why every person with a website would not use this. Save $1000's as no need to employ or contract people to help you with SEO as this does it all......brilliant job!
Spencer Tan
have use this advance seo before although price is on the steep side it is 100% to make your money worth. after adding it my google keyword rank increase a lot and it helps us make our life easier with the rich extra features such as canonical url and etc a must have addon
Magpie Don
I've used Advanced SEO by 4Sprung since version 1, for about two years now. It has been a valuable asset to my CS-Cart store and assisted me with optimizing my products for keyword density and more. With version 1, I still had to do much of the meta tag tweaks and Rich Snippets myself. I just upgraded to this new version for my CS-Cart v4 build and with all of it's new features there's a lot less work for me to do!

Highly recommended. Pays for itself in "time saved" and SE results.
We are using this addon for the website
A great tool for the best seo optimization. Highly recommended for everybody for the best price.
What makes 4Sprung stand out? While the world has a bevy of web developers and web hosting services,

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What makes 4Sprung stand out? While the world has a bevy of web developers and web hosting services, we are focused exclusively on e-commerce. We have a dedicated team of web developers, designers, and SEO experts that have helped clients succeed online since 1997.

We focus on High Quality CS-Cart Development, Customization, Add-on Development, Custom Responsive Template Design and Implementation with over 80,000 Hours of CS-Cart experience.

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