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Alt-team is one of the most experienced team of CS-Cart developers. Starting to provide the online store development service in 2010, we released more than 60 add-ons for CS-Cart and fulfilled over 500 projects on CS-Cart solution.


Alt-team is a team of talented PHP developers with 8+ years of experience with CS-Cart and Magento.

If you have any questions to us, please get in touch at We appreciate all our clients and are always glad to help!

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Сотрудничаем с alt-team уже несколько лет. Ребята работают очень качественно, всегда доводят проекты до конца. С ними приятно иметь дело. Рекомендую!

Ребята очень ответственные и своевременно выполняют работу. Без задержек. Добавил в свой шортлист хороших разработчиков:)

В целом сотрудничество устраивает(в настоящее время как раз реализуется проект). Специалисты справляются с не самыми тривиальными задачами. Если вылезают баги - дорабатывают. Стоимость выполнения работ считаю корректной. Основная сложность - это составить ТЗ которое будет понятно специалисту.

Been working with alt-team for years now to help me with my website. They are nothing but excellent, always ensuring i was happy with the work they provided. They did a wonderful job on redesigning my website, with a very reasonable price as well! Will continue to work with them in the future!

Extremely efficient Installation without any problem even in an own front template.

I recommend this development team.

Всё понимают с полуслова. Выполняют задания быстро и за разумную плату // They understand the essence of the problem at a glance, perform tasks quickly and for a reasonable fee.

Помогли устранить проблему в карточке товара. Все сделали очень быстро и качественно. Всегда были на связи, будем и дальше с ними работать.

Done alot of modules and custom jobs for us
we are very happy with alt-team they are doing a good job and always ready to help you

AAA++++ keep on the great work

I’m very thankful that I selected ALT-TEAM as my project developers. These guys have done an amazing job creating custom add-ons, and other modifications for our site. They are extremely professional, great communication and always ready to assist with any request we may have. I would highly recommend and trust ATL-TEAM developers with any size project. I’m excited and looking forward to working with them on many other projects.

I made the right decision in choosing Alt-Team. They are very professional and will work on your customizations until you are fully satisfied. I had 2 very specialized custom work for them (API integration and shipping) and they were able to deliver with high quality. Response is also excellent and Anton was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely hire them again in my future cs-cart projects.

Featured products

3 reviews
HTML5 Product Designer
Product designer is a tool for customizing clothes, bags, mugs, stickers, greeting cards, mouse pads and other products through the CS-Cart store.

3 reviews
Advanced Add to Cart
CS-Cart Advanced "Add to Cart" button add-on indicates the products that are already in the cart or in the wish list.

3 reviews
Delivery Cost by Distance
The CS-Cart add-on Delivery Cost by Distance calculates the final shipping price due to the distance from the store to the customer's place on the storefront.

2 reviews
Pro Slider
Pro Slider CS-Cart add-on made by Alt-team adds fast in loading and elegant sliders with smooth animations.