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Alt-team is one of the most experienced team of CS-Cart developers. Starting to provide the online store development service in 2010, we released more than 60 add-ons for CS-Cart and fulfilled over 500 projects on CS-Cart solution.


Alt-team is a team of talented PHP developers with 8+ years of experience with CS-Cart.

If you have any questions to us, please get in touch at We appreciate all our clients and are always glad to help!

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Once again The Alt team provided great service for a problem I was experiencing in my store. I had a third party addon conflicting with a major addon The ALt team had done for me, I asked them to see if they could identify and fix, the did so, quickly efficiently and kept me informed all the way.

Well done and thanks

As CSCart is already a great product out of the box, fully featured you really only
need to further enhance your store if you feel you have to using either the services and products (addons) from developers in the CSCart community / marketplace or do it yourself. In most instances we opt for letting a developer do the work since that will saves us time doing what we do best and that is trading in products and health and lifestyle consultations.

We recently noticed that customers were having trouble getting used to our new store. They were using their old passwords and sometimes they were not so keen on logging as a registered customer simply because they did not have there little booklet with usernames and passwords with them at the time they wanted to place an order. So basically we were losing customers due to the fact that a substantial portion of our customers do not want to take the hassle of having there passwords at hand but do wanted to make use of our otherwise much appreciated expertise, product range and ease of use and many payment options.

The developers at Alt-Team came up with the solution we needed. It is a pleasure working with them. Their response time is quick and they understand what you need and also tell you what the technical limits are of what your want your store to do. For now CSCart is still a great investment for any company interested in sales on the web.

Till next time - you can't go wrong with Alt-Team.

We were looking for help in creating newly designed product pages for our new website. Alt-Team provided a quote and had the job done within a week. We were very happy and will defintely use them again.

I can't say enough good things about alt-team. They went well beyond what I expected. Their work was done expertly and faster than expected. Communication was excellent, and their prices were VERY reasonable. I look forward to using their services again. I recommend them highly.

I'm very happy with Alt-team services and very impressed by the product quality they deliver and by the professionalism they treat any of my support requests with.

This Team is excellent, i am glad there is such a team "Alt-Team" that are willing to help CS-Cart User. Including me also. What can i say,? hmm..See you around in CS Cart Forums.. Thank you for helping me...

We enjoyed working with this developer. We have some experience with other companies to compare with. The price of the development is not very high, the quality of work is worthy, missed deadlines extremely rare and not significant. Most importantly - in the implementation of all improvements, bugs were fixed very quickly and in full (at no extra cost - unless of course it is not beyond the scope of the project). In some cases, even on weekends at night. Thank you Anton Kurakov.
We will continue using the services of this company.

Понравилось работать с этим разработчиком. Есть с чем сравнивать. Ценник на работы не за облачный, качество работ достойное, срыв сроков крайне редко и не значительный. Самое главное - при реализации, все доработки, неточности и прочее устранялись разработчиком быстро и в полном объеме (без увеличения цены - если конечно это совсем не выходит за рамки ТЗ). В некоторых случаях даже в выходные вечером.Отдельное спасибо Антону Куракову.
Будем продолжать пользоваться услугами этой компании.

Outstanding service, good price and went above and beyond to help implement a payment add-on. They clearly care about their customers, as they had the add-on working on a duplicate of my site, yet it didn't work on mine; required some server tweaking. Great service, will certainly use again.

A great developer. We are pleased with the quality of the work performed, in spite of a bunch of different fixes at the implementation stage, the guys listened patiently and fulfilled my requirements. I am very grateful to them for that, will use use their services again for sure.

Отличный разработчик. Порадовало качество выполненной работы, не смотря на кучу различных доделок на этапе внедрения, ребята терпеливо выслушивали и выполняли мои требования. Очень им за это благодарен, обязательно воспользуюсь их услугами еще раз.

Alt-team was very quick in replying to our request for assistance with our CS-Cart deployment. From the beginning Igor has been more than helpfull in the deployment and even the planning of our CS-Cart, and has played a key role in our project. I would recommend Alt-team to anyone. If you need even just some installation help, or if you have a complicated bundle of modifications you need done, as we did. Alt-team is the team.

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