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Alt-team is one of the most experienced team of CS-Cart developers. Starting to provide the online store development service in 2010, we released more than 60 add-ons for CS-Cart and fulfilled over 500 projects on CS-Cart solution.


Alt-team is a team of talented PHP developers with 8+ years of experience with CS-Cart.

If you have any questions to us, please get in touch at We appreciate all our clients and are always glad to help!

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We like very much, working with you guys, you are quick and for us it is very important! Good service and very positive attitude makes you guys great!

Allra Atta ( ) thanks you and we look forward working with you in near future.

Best regard,
Jon Trausti / Allra Atta / CEO

ALT-Team has been amazing in their efforts for CS Cart.
Their addons have always stood out in the market place.
We love their product designer and the new HTML 5 designer.

Their support and timely responses is also very good.

Highly recommend ALT TEAM

Thank you

With alt-team we started to work from 2011. We have implemented several projects and with all we were very satisfied. Their team is professional and works very quickly and reliably. We are currently working on the implementation of two large projects and we will give them others projects that are planned. Services alt-team recommend!

We started to work with alt-team when the product designer was just and idea. Now a few years later our company got bugger thanks to alt-team and there great work with making all our ideas come true. They works professional and are very fast with reply. The price that they give are really really good. I can only tell you if your looking for add-ons customer work or what else you can count on alt-team a company with professional people that not only here to make money but also to help you grow as a company.

Featured products

3 reviews
HTML5 Product Designer
Product designer is a tool for customizing clothes, bags, mugs, stickers, greeting cards, mouse pads and other products through the CS-Cart store.

3 reviews
Advanced Add to Cart
CS-Cart Advanced "Add to Cart" button add-on indicates the products that are already in the cart or in the wish list.

3 reviews
Delivery Cost by Distance
The CS-Cart add-on Delivery Cost by Distance calculates the final shipping price due to the distance from the store to the customer's place on the storefront.

2 reviews
Pro Slider
Pro Slider CS-Cart add-on made by Alt-team adds fast in loading and elegant sliders with smooth animations.