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Ulyanovsky prospect, bld. 10 Ulyanovsk, Ul'janovskaja oblast' 432072 Russian Federation
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Design creation
Design integration
Add-on/modification development
Turnkey website
December 2013
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Russian Federation, Ul'janovskaja oblast'

Alt-team is one of the most experienced team of CS-Cart developers. Starting to provide the online store development service in 2010, we released more than 100 add-ons for CS-Cart and MultiVendor editions. We fulfilled over 3500 projects on CS-Cart solution.



Alt-team is a team of talented PHP developers with 10+ years of experience with CS-Cart.

If you have any questions to us, please get in touch at [email protected]. We appreciate all our clients and are always glad to help!

Our dedicated technical support team is ready to help you solve any CS-Cart related issues. We provide expert advice, help with customization, troubleshooting and training. Our goal is to ensure smooth operation of your store.
Planning to migrate to CS-Cart? We'll assist you with data migration, transferring products, customers, and orders. Our experts ensure a secure and efficient transition to the CS-Cart platform.
Design creation
Our designers will create a unique design for your store. We consider your branded elements, user preferences, and modern trends. The result is an attractive and functional interface.
Design integration
Our integration experts are ready to align your store's design with the CS-Cart platform. We consider your branded elements, color palette, and user experience. The result is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.
Add-on/modification development
Need custom functionality for your store? We develop apps, modifications, and integrations to meet your unique requirements. Reliable and professional solutions.
Turnkey website
Ready to launch your online store, but you need some guidance? We offer turnkey solutions from development to launch, including setup, design, integrations, and training. Your store will be ready for sales.


4.93 / 50 assessments
Rating based on user opinions
My experince was very positive. I highly recommend Alt-team for any development project and look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.
Couldn't ask for more. Anton has done everything I've asked and then some.
I will use Anton again any day of the week, and in fact I have another job for him. Really happy i've found him!
Рекомендую. Работаем с разработчиками уже больше года. За это время добавлено много функционала к нашему сайту: модули приоритетного города доставки, модули поведения при остатки товара в 1 экземпляре, доработка дизайна для темы Uniteme2, доработка модулей seo и т.д.
Разработчики на связи и бывало выручали при проблемах сайта даже в выходные.
Требовалось внести корректировки для страниц сайта. По направленному ТЗ нам были озвучены сроки выполнения. Все было сделано по запросу и точно в срок. Спасибо!
Great job and great PDF addon !!
Thank you for reactivity
I can highly recommend Alt Team for any CS Cart development work, either front end design or backend functionality.

They have been very transparent with the work and hours they have done and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again
Отличный разработчик!! Заказывал модуль который по определённым критериям выбирает нужный способ доставки и показывает клиенту. Выполнено было достаточно быстро, через некоторое время, модуль нужно было доработать, мне это сделать бесплатно, что приятно удивило. Компанию рекомендую.
Реальный отзыв о работе с Alt-Team. Стояла задача разработки маркетплейса с не стандартным функционалом и собственным дизайном. После того как определились, что за основу возьмем cs-cart
Best team ever! Excellent support, outstanding quality of addons & code, prices are decent not like other development companies. I give a special thanks to IIdar & Igor for their outstanding support for approximately 2 months on two very massive addons that changed the whole order & shipping cycle on CSCART MV.
Полезный модуль просто и качественно реализован.
Ребята из Alt-team не только за разумную цену готовы добавить все необходимые доработки индивидуально для клиента, но и качественно проконсультируют и помогут, если что-то не так идёт. Это однозначно идёт в плюс разработчикам


Shipping Cost by Distance
4.8 (5)
Save 30%
Add-on calculates the final shipping price due to the distance from the store to the customer's place on the storefront.
Recent reviews
5.0 (3)
Add-on allows you to display the recent reviews on your storefront pages - homepage, category page and product page in a block
Product Price Calculator
5.0 (2)
Save 20%
Adds a calculator functionality allowing customers calculate the exact price immediately on product page by typing the required custom product sizes.
The Tips
5.0 (2)
Allows customers to pay tips separately from the order cost. Online tipping is a great feature, essential for online food delivery websites. 
In stock/Out-of-stock alternative statuses
4.3 (3)
Replace the default In stock/Out-of-stock status with a custom image or messages on product detail page.
Advanced Video Manager
5.0 (1)
Allows customers to play video files in blocks on any website page or in a "Video" tab on product details page.
Shoppable Images
5.0 (1)
Save 20%
Add-on gives an opportunity for customers to find and buy any product that they can see on the interactive banner ads or interactive images. Consumers can click on the shopping tags on these pictures and obtain all useful information about the product or any item they want to buy.