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May 2021
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Who are we 

Hi! We are a a full-stack team of certified SysOps Administrators, SRE and DevOps engineers providing business solutions for your eCommerce websites. Since 2016, we have been part of the Simtech group and a provider of managed services for CS-Cart, Simtech Development and 1000+ clients from 170 countries. Our experience helps us ensure the stable operation of IT systems and solve problems of any complexity - from auditing and monitoring performance to improving fault tolerance and infrastructure design (IaC).

We use special configurations and server environments tailored for CS-Cart. This guarantees a significant improvement in the performance and safety of your projects. We can help you:

1/save IT budget,

2/create seamless development processes, and 

3/ find growth points in your current infrastructure. 

ASAP Lab Services

✓ Managed VPS and cloud hosting for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

✓ Scalable and custom hosting solutions for enterprise

✓ Comprehensive server audit and load testing 

✓ Server setup and optimization for maximum performance 

✓ Full server administration 

✓ IT-security audit 

✓ Implementation of DevOps tools

Why choose ASAP Lab for Server and Infrastructure Works 

No need to hire an IT specialist and dive into technical details. You will have at your disposal the experience of hundreds of our users-owners of online stores. Be ahead of your competitors in terms of webiste availability and speed.

What is MSP and why businesses should outsource their IT management

How to Pick the Best MSP for Your Business

Our dedicated technical support team is ready to help you solve any CS-Cart related issues. We provide expert advice, help with customization, troubleshooting and training. Our goal is to ensure smooth operation of your store.
Planning to migrate to CS-Cart? We'll assist you with data migration, transferring products, customers, and orders. Our experts ensure a secure and efficient transition to the CS-Cart platform.



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Advanced Security
5.0 (5)
A comprehensive, all-in-one security toolset for security audit and integrity monitoring with security hardening features for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor
Performance Optimizer
5.0 (5)

A full-featured performance optimization toolset for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor with automated performance checks

Complex Project Performance Investigation
5.0 (5)

Get expert recommendations on how to optimize your infrastructure capacity and improve the speed, security and stability of your CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor website and servers