Automated Transfer from modified eCommerce to CS-Cart



Automated Transfer from modified eCommerce Shopsoftware to CS-Cart is a simple and reliable tool that will move your data in no time. There is no need to be a technical guru to perform the transfer. Firstly, you will need to register your own account and create new migration. After, provide information about your Source and Target Stores and upload Connection Bridge files to stores root directory. After that, follow simple steps to select entities and try your Free Demo Migration. Then, check the result on CS-Cart and proceed to Full Migration.

Benefits of Automated Transfer from modified eCommerce to CS-Cart: Absolutely Free Demo Migration will help to move up to 10 entities to CS-Cart in less than 30 minutes. Customers Support Team will kindly answer your questions via email, live chat or by phone. 100% Uptime for your modified eCommerce store is guaranteed, so customers will be able to browse pages and make purchases from the shop. Intuitive Migration Wizard doesn’t require high level of technical skills and will guide you through Migration process

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