Automated Transfer from osCMax to CS-Cart



Automated Transfer from osCMax to CS-Cart add-on is a unique shopping cart migration tool that is consider to be a leader on the market. It allows you to move data from one platform to another one with the maximum comfort and minimum efforts. After setting migrational parameters with the help of intuitive Migration Wizard, the process itself doesn’t require user interference as well as programming skills. Thanks to dedicated Amazon server, your e-store data is absolutely safe, and after several hours the transfer will be finished.

Automated Transfer from osCMax to CS-Cart advantages:

  • Free Demo Migration: take a chance to look on how will your brand new CS-Cart store look like for free.
  • Easy as ABC: the migration is maximum automated and doesn’t require any profound knowledge or skills.
  • Incredibly fast: the whole migration process takes only a few hours to finish.
  • Uptime guaranteed: your osCMax store will be online and available for purchases every second of transfer.
  • Reasonable price: the cost depends on the amount of transferred entities and additional options.
  • Professional support: our support team will take care of you and provide qualified help if needed.
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