Automated Transfer from SunShop to CS-Cart



Automated Transfer from SunShop to CS-Cart allows to switch from one e-Commerce solution to another with minimum efforts. The procedure is fully automated and does not require any programming skills to be performed. First of all, register a new Cart2Cart account and then select Source and Target Carts. Next you need to choose entities for move. Afterwards, it is recommended to perform free Demo Migration, that takes from 10 to 30 minutes. Test transfer will show how everything works with a possibility to move up to ten entities. Subsequently, you are going to have the opportunity to complete Full Migration. So, don’t dilly-dally and migrate from SunShop to CS-Cart at once!

There is a range of advantages offered by Automated Transfer from SunShop to CS-Cart: Intuitive Migration Wizard. It doesn’t require any programming skills and will guide you through the transfer process. Migration Insurance. You will get a few chances to restart migration for a low price if needed. Support. Our Support Team is ready to help you and can be reached via phone, chat or email. 100% uptime for current SunShop store. The clients will be able to make purchases during the migration.

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