Being a store owner, you put lots of efforts for creating an ultimate buying experience. But, multiple fields to complete the checkout can slow down the process or even discourage your customers from making a purchase. This becomes even more apparent for the customers on mobile, where checking out on a small screen can be a long exercise in typing, misspelling, and re-typing.

Here comes the Google Address Autocomplete add-on for your CS-Cart stores which allows you to configure the autocomplete address in the vendor registration form and during checkout or editing customer profile at frontend. This makes an easy and speedy experience which will speed up the process by filling in the address info automatically with the help of Google APIs.

So, when customers arrive at checkout and start entering the first few characters of their address, Google Autocomplete will instantly finish the job and pre-populate their address. Wrong addresses and re-typing are virtually eliminated. This will save time for your customers and prevent typing errors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Well integrated with CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor.
  • Simplify the checkout process by offering address autocomplete.
  • Allow the customers/vendors to automatically fill in the address form fields, such as address 1, city, region/state and postal code.
  • Supports various place types (Geocode, Establishment, Regions, Cities, Address etc.) via Place Autocomplete APIs.
  • Option to display country specific results in the autocomplete address suggestions.
  • Avoid customers’ typing errors.
  • Improve the user experience.
  • Decrease cart abandonment and increase sales.
  • Easy to configure and manage at admin end.
  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
Compatible versions:
  • 4.9.3
  • 4.9.2
  • 4.9.1
  • 4.8.2
  • 4.8.1
  • 4.7.4
  • 4.7.3
  • 4.7.2
  • 4.7.1
  • English
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