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Since our inception in 2010, we have developed 100+ add-ons and themes for CS-Cart with around 7000 downloads for businesses all around the world.

We provide end-to-end software solutions in a variety of industry verticals, including publishing, hotels, print media, customer management, content management, social media, performance engineering retails and others.


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bullet-point.png?1557840456953 Themes and template designing

bullet-point.png?1563448836525 Great and friendly customer support

bullet-point.png?1563448864365 90 days free support

bullet-point.png?1557840605665 Superior tech expertise

bullet-point.png?1563448933381 Cost effective services

bullet-point.png?1563448956491 24*7 customer service

bullet-point.png?1557840751283 Good Quality products Free website performance audit

bullet-point.png?1563449034899 AWS hosting for CS-Cart


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We ordered this AddOn to enhance our Vendor-Plans and to offer different payment-options for our members. This AddOn gave us all we needed. There were little difficulties in the code, forcing the Programm to ignore zero-entries. Within few hours the problem was solved, thx to the nice and friendly support, who instantly analyzed and fixed the issue.
Thx to you guys - we'll keep in touch with you!

many bugs and not version 1.2 on https://store.webkul.com/CS-Cart-Product-Badges.html


I bought this addon from Webkul, Order: 100072007 From 5/10/2019

the add-on is not fully functional and some functions as are described on their site, on product page, are not working, has a lot of bugs (even on CS-Cart v 4.9.x - as is in SPECIFICATION, with last Service Pack from cs-cart.com):

1. you cannot put the label (badge) on product image thumbnails (product page), if you do so, the image disappears !
- label text (badge) is working only on product list thumbnails or category thumbnails !

The text badge is partial function, only for variant: Show On: "Product List Page"

If you select, on Settings
Show On:
Everywhre or Product Details Page
The image of product will disappear after a second !

2. you cannot wrap the text as you as you will see in Settings - Preview

In Backend, on Product badge - Settings - Position: Middle Center - Badge Type: Text

The text appear like wrap text, but in Frontend the text appear in line!

3. on your product page appear the version 1.2 but when install, the add-on is version 1.1 !

the downloaded name kit is " CS-Cart Product Badges_V_1.2 "; but when is install appear the name:

"Product Badge
Adds custom Badges to products in your store.
Versiune 1.1 Webkul"

by the way, 1.1 is not v1.2 !

I have tried many times to solve these bugs ans issues:
ticket id: #127340: "... Please provide your budget for the task your need and also the issues if you have any but in the default features of the add-on ..."

ticket Id #128621: "... to extend and pay for the support period ..."

although the product was not as described and later I discovered these issues.

I lost only $ 39, also I lost a lot of time testing this add-on, a lot of time with tickets and explanations, I didn't solve anything, but in the end I gained another life experience!
I will never buy from this seller again !

The developer that helped us what extremely helpful and responded quickly and accurately to our requests. They were able to fix all of our issues right away and we are very happy with the results.

So nice working. We are happy working with webkul. Quickly reply in our question and good support.

I asked them to integrate an express payment method. They did exactly what I asked in no time, with the best price.

Got a very good and satisfactory response from Webkul Team. Very nice work. Thank you Webkul Team

The installation was lightning fast! The Support Team is friendly and always ready to help. They reply very quickly to the flood of questions and offer competent solutions to any issues. Very impressing!

I found the service of Webkul to be very professional and cost effective. They have a bunch of dedicated team who are always willing to go the extra mile to make the customers happy.

We tried setting this application up a few years ago and we had a hell of a time just getting everything working (which it didn't) and because of the difficulty and complexity, we just gave up. We were pretty unhappy at the time, but for whatever reason we didn't ask for help (and its probably because most developers at the time gave poor support unless you paid them for the extra time and the fee's for modifying your code etc etc and we really didn't want to have to go through that because it gets painful FAST)
So, here we are a few years later, and again we are struggling, but instead of just quitting (and being unhappy) like last time, instead this time we reached out to ask for help (really not expecting much) but we were blown away by the support offered. Truly a hand when we felt like we were drowning.

We had some trouble getting this application going, but the developer stepped in and worked out the mistakes that we'd made and fixed them quickly.

This really changed my view of Webkul and now we're going to ask them for help whenever we need it and we'll be happy to pay them because we know what sort of people they are.

Buy from these devs and don't stress if you cant work things out because they truly are there to help you!

Good luck with your cart and sales!

Very reliable and highly motivated programmers. Love to work with them on all of our projects. Nothing is impossible for this guys and you have to appreciate that. Good job guys! I'm looking forward cooperating with you in many years to come...

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