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CS-Cart "Google reCAPTCHA" add-on
Google reCAPTCHA

Latest release date: July 22, 2015

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NOTE: CS-Cart Google reCAPTCHA add-on for CS-Cart v. 3.0.x is not a clear add-on. It substitutes one core file

[CS-Cart Root dir]/skins//customer/common_templates/image_verification.tpl.

CS-Cart "Google reCAPTCHA" add-on is a solution, based on one of the latest Google technologies to protect websites from bots and spammers. Cart-Power applied this innovation to CS-Cart platform to make it easy and pleasant for users to go through anti-bot validation and sign in.

First of all, a few words about anti-bot validation methods: CS-Cart standard CAPTCHA is now quite annoying, as it prompts users to confirm they are not robots by asking them to read distorted text and numbers and type them into a text field like this:

Google presented a brand new system named «No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA» that allows users to confirm they are humans with one click. This test directly asks user whether they are robots or not. Seems quite simple, right? Only at first sight - in fact, the system analyzes user's behavior with the help of a special script discerning suspicious activity and after this, preprocessing it offers this simple checkbox to click.

No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA also includes the second level of verification in case that system doubts user is actually a human. This anti-bot check level is also more user-friendly than old tests with distorted unreadable texts. New technology offers to match images with a random picture. It is much easier for touch devices users to tap photos of cats or turkeys than to tediously type a line of distorted text.

See also video tutorial

We added the opportunity to add the anti-bot Validation to the Send to friend form.

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
Compatible versions
  • 4.4.3
  • 4.3.10
  • 4.2.4
  • 4.1.5
  • 4.0.3
  • 3.0.6
  • English
  • Български
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  • Deutsch
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  • Español
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  • 中文


10 reviews
4.40 / 44 assessments
Rating based on user opinions
Add-On works flawlessly and is so much more user friendly than the default Cs Cart anti-bot tool.
Мне понравилась новая капча.
В последние время повадились БОТЫ заказы и обратную связь спамить. Вот отучил.
И надеюсь для людей это не в тягость.

Вам бы тоже сюда на отзывы такую же поставить)))
Отличный и бесплатный модуль! Введение малоразличимых символов в классическом антиботе - мучительно и вызывает отвращение, иногда просто лень всматриваться, что там за кракозябры - а это отказ от заказа, обратного звонка и прочей конверсии ))
P.S. только что ввел неправильный код в антиботе отзыва ))
This add-on was a little problematic for us when we first installed it and no amount of tweaking or fiddling could make it work. Normally, for a free add-on in this situation, that's the
Без проблем работает для нескольких витрин. Такая проверка (вместо штатной) значительно удобнее особенно на этапе оформления заказа
Очень нужный и полезный модуль и при этом бесплатный. Пользователи сайта очень довольны. Большое спасибо разработчику! Было бы хорошо, если бы этот модуль добавили сюда в маркетплейс, так как в
The add-on will not install in our 4.3.3 CS-Cart. I get an error that says "Error PO-file contains syntax errors or incorrect structure. Please re-check it and upload again."
Very nice addon. Love it!
And a 5 Stars support !

I fully recommend!!!!
It improves the user experience.
This is more than just an add on that makes your cart look better. The standard Captcha is easily hacked these days using off the shelf software. Unfortunately there are morons out there with nothing
Love this addon! Makes the store look more modern without the user having to go through the hassle of entering in the Captcha. Will recommend to anyone not wanting to scare off customers!

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